0:02 Irving Penn is best known as a fashion photographer. his images of glamorous models posing in the latest designs (5 words) of the most popular fashion magazines.

American Photographer Penn Captured More Than Just Fashion


1:11 you were a (1 or 2 words) in a Greek restaurant. and then I was a prep cook in the restaurant which is really where I (3 words).

Bradley Cooper Details Becoming a Chef for New Film 'Burnt'

wary = skeptical

wary = skeptical 信用していないと言う意味です。weary と混同しやすい単語です。発音に注意。3:57 but despite this budding allegiance, even Russia is wary of its new friend. the former Soviet superpower is nervous that China will reverse-engineer the military equipment that Russia currently sells. 最近芽生え始めたこの中国とロシアの友好な関係だが、実はロシアも中国の意図をいぶかしく思っている。中国に提供しているロシアの武器が中国に真似されて将来(中国にも他国にも)売れなくなってしまうからだ。

How Dangerous Is China?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkyujOMDSTs  2:48 but it doesn't mean Chinese people are wary of donating. 献血により90後半までにエイズが蔓延してしまったが、このことによって中国人が献血に懐疑的になったわけではない。注;aren't wary of に聞こえますが、文脈から are wary of であることは明白です。
To Save a Mother's Life, Hundreds Line Up to Give Blood | China Uncensored
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCtc0EWeGS4  1:27 despite rigorous examination, Americans are still wary of Gulf seafood. 厳しい検査(をパスしたにもかかわらず)消費者は原油流出事故があったメキシコ湾産の海産物をいまいち信用していない。注;発音を weary と間違えていますが、頭の中で wary と修正するのがネイティブのやっているヒヤリング方法です。
Gulf seafood safe to eat despite misconceptions

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2015/10/weary-tired.html  weary = tired

a-6287 wary of
a-6359 wary of
a-9203 wary of
a-9323 wary
a-9349 wary
b-4840 wary of

weary = tired

weary = tired 発音に注意。wary と混同しやすい単語です。0:23 When you're weary feeling small, when tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all.

Simon and Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzWZzMHul3M  0:33 across the region, people are weary of austerity cuts. スペインにしてもギリシャにしても、両国民は緊縮財政で疲弊しきっている。
€xtreme Moves: Eurozone crisis far from over amid ravaging austerity & debts
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbAd8aTD0e4  1:42 like vibrating massage chairs that transmit soothing base tones through weary bones.
US gaming industry gets high scores
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRzKFQhansI  0:33 Open up your mind and let me step inside. Rest your weary head and let your heart decide.
"Play The Game (Live)" - Queen [High Definition]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb8rGy4Cluo  1:03 clearly the country is war-weary. アフガンは戦争に飽き飽きしている。
Americans War Weary after 10 Years in Afghanistan

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2015/10/wary-skeptical.html  wary = skeptical

a-8763 weary of
a-8855 weary of

my words, not his

my words, not his 「奴の言ったことじゃなくて、自分の考えだよ」。このようなパターンはよく耳にします。0:30 those are their words, not mine. これまでの説明は受け売りです。

This is the BEST DAMN movie theater you can go to today

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm7mNebeDdU  2:55 some cars have adjustable suspensions, Maybach has magic body control, their words not mine. 自動調整サスペンションを備えた車もありますが、メーカーによれば、メルセデス・マイバッハ Sクラスは前方路面の凹凸を認識するマジックボディコントロールを搭載しているとの事です。
2016 Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach | Driven: Car Review | The New York Times

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hX9UpCuTvo   1:22 Imam, President Sadat of Egypt, a devoutly religious man, a Muslim, says that what you are doing now is — quote — “a disgrace to Islam.” and he calls you, Imam — forgive me — his words, not mine, 'a lunatic.' イマム(イスラム教の最高指導者への敬称)敬虔なイスラム教の信者のエジプトのサダト大統領が、あたなのやっていることはイスラム教の名を地に落とすことで、あなたのことを、ご無礼をお許しください、彼の言った言葉です、乱心者、と呼んでいますよ。
A look back at Mike Wallace's tough interviews



この問題は一般のヒアリングよりも少し難しいかもしれないが、私のブログの読者には医者が多いのであえて出題する。2:28 so it wasn't just any fish. it was a fish with serious complications. the head of the catfish went down into the (1 word) and the barbs were what lodged into the tissue. and it made it impossible to pull this fish out. we're going to lose the airway. 注;ちなみに、この医者は役者。本物の医者ならXXXXといわずに、trachea というはず。

There is a Fish Stuck in My Throat on Christmas


2:59 look at his oxygen levels. he's desatting. let's get him (3 words), (1 word). 血液中の酸素濃度は?濃度低下中!今すぐ、患者を手術室に移動。

There is a Fish Stuck in My Throat on Christmas


0:14 even at Christmas time, there're unpleasant jobs that need to be done (3 words).

There is a Fish Stuck in My Throat on Christmas


中国が「一人っ子政策」を廃止して「二人っ子政策」にするらしい。これは愚策かもしれない。どう言うことかといえば男性人口だけを増やす結果に終わるから。一人っ子政策ですでに、男の人口が女の人口を上回っている。ここに二人目を加えるとすればやはり、儒教の国では男の子が欲しくなる。つまり、最初の子供が男だった場合に二人目をつくろうとは、あまりしないと思う。最初の子供が女だった場合は無理をしても二人目には男の子が欲しい。中国の将来の人口は男性の比率がとんでもなく高くなってしまい、性犯罪があふれる国になってしまう。(すでにそうなっているかもしれないが)一人っ子、二人っ子とか言っていてはいつまでたっても生まれてくる女の子はつまはじきされてしまう。国家が子供の人数を制限しなくても、家庭の台所事情がちゃんとその辺を調節してくれるから、子供の人数制限は完全に撤廃すべき。0:05 China is indeed ending the one-child policy, now allowing two children per couple. 一人っ子政策 one-child policy、二人っ子政策 two-child policy.

Sachs on China's growth

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2013/07/blog-post_3036.html  長子相続(ちょうしそうぞく)を英語でなんと言うか?


1:10 the house is broken. we're not solving problems. we're adding to them. and I'm not interested in laying blame. we are not (2 words). we are (4 words). 国家(財政)は火の車だ。議会は問題の解決をせず、逆に問題を増やしている。私はこの責任の所在を追及したり、問題のけりをつけることはしない。全てを水に流して一から始めようじゃないか。

Paul Ryan takes the speaker's gavel


寄り添う、もたれる、もたれかかるは snuggle を使います。0:15 A two week old calf took her caretaker Allie by surprised when she collapsed into her lap and started snuggling up to her at an elephant nature retreat in Chai Lai Orchid in Thailand.

Baby Elephant Surprises Caretaker with a Hug

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OdA195SvV8  1:42 last night, my daughter actually told me to scoot over on the couch and she snuggle up with me and put her head on my shoulder.
Mom Struggles to Get Her Kids From Fundamentalist Mormons

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGluio77Hl8  3:04 when it's cold outside, we want to snuggle up with the people who we love.
'Tis the Season to Breakup!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzvPl8WqwHA  1:00 when they do take naps, they'll very often snuggle up together.
Cheetah cub best friends with ridgeback puppy after being rejected by his mum

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AviRrcSZ_A  0:22 the duo snuggle up close to each other next to their co-star Taylor Lautner on the cover of the new paperback book.
Rob and Kristen Photo TOGETHER After Cheating Scandal!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aWsfqHZU40  1:35 we probably shouldn't snuggle. セックスだけしたら情を込めないほうがいいと思うわ。
No Strings Attached Official Trailer (HD)


食べ物などが古くなって、新鮮味がなくなる時に欠かせない単語は stale です。 0:13 the current version has been on the market for a number of years and like an old piece of toast, it is starting to get a little bit stale. レクサスの最上級モデルはもう長い間モデルチェンジがないので、長い間放置してあったトーストのように、ちょっと新鮮味にかけるようになってきた。

Lexus LF-FC Flagship Concept - 2015 Tokyo Motor Show
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6h_5P4-06I  4:20 his marriage of 3 years has grown stale. かれの三年間の結婚生活は倦怠期に入った。
Beyond Weiner: Digital Cheating at Home
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkuUNDOb0gA  1:03 IOS started to feel stale on the iPad. iPad 搭載のIOSは古臭く感じるようになってきた。
iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 First Look

0:56 the air is getting a little stale in here. can you do that thing? ちょっと酸素が足りなくなってきた。ちょっと開けてくれ。

Love Thanksgiving Leftovers?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXaENvEzKTY  0;40 my soda is flat. it doesn't have any bubbles. 気が抜けている
Diner Scene - Dumb & Dumber (1994) - [HD]
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2012/08/blog-post_7305.html  新鮮味を英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2015/08/bloom-is-off-rose.html  bloom is off the rose

ER = emergency room

ER は救急救命室、救急処置室のこと。2:24 ... and had to be taken back to the ER. 一度、救急救命室から帰宅の途についた患者はトイレでヤク入りの水タバコをすってまた救急救命室に担ぎ込まれた。

CNN investigates e-cigarettes used for drugs
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2013/10/blog-post_10.html  手術室、舞台、戦場

a-2692 in the ER
a-2781 in the ER



0:07 Leonardo DiCaprio (2 words) today. and (3 words) to celebrate than by (6 words)?

16-Year-Old Leonardo DiCaprio FIRST Interview!


0:02 you thought the iPad Pro is big, (5 words).

Samsung Galaxy View is an 18.4-inch tablet to compete with your TV


0:58 she had (3 words) being on a bus. and she had no money on her.

Sleepwalking teen found nearly 10 miles from home

man-hour 人時

man hour 人時(ニンジ)とは一人で一時間に達成できる仕事の量。5:20 it takes the crew 36 man-hours just to wash and wax the 2,500-square-foot exterior. このトレーラーの外側を水洗いしてワックスをかけるだけで36人時が必要だ。

World's Most Expensive Rides
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr-JcqfYG2Ej  5:37 to produce one ounce of fine gold requires an average of 38 man-hours,,, 
shocking documentary the secret of gold trading
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwAcsUju-DU  1:50 so far this winter, over 100,000 man-hours have been spent here in Boston.
Mounting Snow Causes Boston Roof Collapse
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP3b0_fnPxQ  11:04 she and her staff spent two years and thousands of man-hours trying to analyze the financial condition of the 15 largest states.
State Budgets: Day of Reckoning
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLuXgQKq1lc  0:25 If I work one volunteer hour, I'll get one of these. ここで一時間ボランティアをすれば、この硬貨一枚がもらえる。
The food here has no price, what they give is priceless


my gut tells me, my instinct tells me は決まった言い方です。1:40 what is the relationship like between Jay Z and Beyonce? my gut tells me that based on what they've been through in order to stay together, that they are very happy. ビヨンセと旦那のジェイ・Zの仲は?理屈なしにわかるんだが紆余曲折を経ているから今が最高だよ。

Beyonce Would Have Ended Marriage to Jay Z If He Cheated, Biographer Says
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abhF5CFFW4s  0:17 my instinct usually tells me when there's something wrong. and there's something wrong here. so I had him followed.
In the Line of Fire (1/8) Movie CLIP - You're Under Arrest, Too (1993) HD

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2013/04/blog-post_9.html  本能、第六感を英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2013/04/blog-post_23.html  なんとなくそんな気がするを英語でなんと言うか?

above reproach

above reproach, beyond reproach こう言う言い方は above, beyond が理解できていれば解説は不要です。 1:05 the relevant construction, which is reasonable, justified and lawful, is well within China's sovereignty. it does not impact or target any country, and is thus beyond reproach. 岩礁に埋め立てや空港の建設は中国の主権の範囲内で合法的。どこの国の脅威にもならないし迷惑にもなっていない。であるから、非難されるいわれはない

South China Sea disputes as viewed by Chinese
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzGqNlC2UyU  2:59 we have a culture in this country that only certain people are allowed to live, and only certain people are allowed to kill. and those people that can kill are above reproach by anybody. アメリカではここで生きるのを許された種類の人間だけが生きることが出来る、また特定の人間には人を殺すライセンスも与えられている。そのような人間はアンタッチャブルだ、誰も手が出せないよ。
Don't Shoot!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DvvMz3-om4  2:25 nation's top spy has to be above reproach. CIA長官は完璧な存在でなければならない、(からこのようなスキャンダルでも辞めなくてはならない。)  
David Petraeus Resigns Over Affair With Biographer Paula Broadwell

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2015/05/blog-post.html  雲の上を英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2009/08/blog-post_28.html  李下に冠を正さずを英語でなんと言うか?



1:03 trying to convince people to stay would be (4 words). 難民たちにこの島にとどまれというのは酷な事だ。

Greece's deteriorating refugee camps

lay it out 全てを語る

lay out には色々な意味があるが lay it out となれば全てを語るくらいの意味になる。0:28 NBC's Anne Thompson lays it out for us. NBCテレビのトンプソン記者が詳しく話してくれます。

Bacon, Hot Dogs and Other Processed Meats Linked to Cancer: WHO Group | NBC Nightly News
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h443HoV5B0w  4:21 My mother and I weren't really in contact that much then, but I -- I was with my mother a couple of days ago and I laid it all out for her. I told her about it. I told my Aunt Rosy about it. 父との近親相姦があってからは、母親にはあまり会っていません。何日か前に母親にあったときに、私と父との関係を洗いざらい白状しました。ローズ叔母さんにも同じ話を打ち明けました。
Mackenzie Phillips Tells Larry King About Incest By Father

2:29 just lay it out. it's just me and you. 包み隠さず話してごらんなさい。おばさんのほかには誰もいないから。

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Tony Takes Peter's Suit Scene (HD)

b-3449 laying all that out

buck お金

a buck といえば一ドルだが、漠然とお金の意味にもなる。1:40 think about your own mom and your own dad and your own grandmother and would you want somebody doing this to them, you know, just for a buck? あなたの母親父親、祖母の墓が誰かの金目当てで荒らされたと考えてごらんなさい。

Graveyard Robberies
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wky9cLHTc7g  5:09 he created several that flopped before hitting the big time on his first successful venture with Mobile Monopoly, an app that teaches users how to turn a buck with mobile market leads. ホロヴィッツくんがMobile Monopoly というお金の稼ぎ方をおしえるアプリを構築するまでは彼の作ったアプリは駄作続きだった。
20 Self-Made Teenage Millionaires

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2010/07/buck-stops-here.html  The buck stops here とは?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2013/12/dinero.html  dinero


bratwurst, currywurst (カレーソーセージ)のようにドイツではソーセージのことを wurst というらしい。もちろん隠語となっている。1:56 like a bratwurst. 俺のアレは特大のソーセージみたいだぜ。

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx518EoaepA  2:57 says here you exposed yourself in the cafeteria. I was joking with the lunch lady. it was a bratwurst. bratwurst? aren't we the optimist? あんた、学食でおチンチンをみせた?冗談ですよ。見せたのはおチンチンじゃなくてソーセージ。ソーセージねぇ?能天気ね。
10 Things I Hate About You (1999) Full Movie
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPFWYkHgcBk  0:24 Germans consume about 800 million currywurst annually.
evermind the warnings, tourists enjoy German sausages

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2012/12/blog-post_11.html  俺のはデカイ



0;29 senior coordinator Francesca Bonelli says they are not equipped to deal with (2 words), especially in frigid temperatures.国連難民高等弁務官事務所(UNHCR)のある職員は気温が下がる中、長ったらしく難しい難民審査過程で一ヶ所に留め置くことなどできる施設はないとコメントした。

Cold and damp add to EU migrant border woes


0:02 (2 words) the warnings from the WHO. it's (3 words) in Berlin at this currywurst stand. locals and visitors alike are (2 words). apparently (2 words) the WHO finding that the processed meats like sausages can lead to bowel cancer. 加工肉摂取が大腸がん発症リスクを高めるという世界保健機関の警告など糞食らえだ。ベルリンのソーセージ屋台では住民も観光客も世界保健機関の警告などどこ吹く風と名物のカレーワーストをパクついている。

Nevermind the warnings, tourists enjoy German sausages


4:06 it's a huge humanitarian crisis, so we're going to have to (5 words). 難民問題は人道的な大問題。だから、われわれはできることをしなければならない。

James Bond Tells Sky News There Is Too Much Surveillance


1:43 lions are what is known as (3 words).

Lion's First Kill - Captured on GoPro


5:26 hey Tom, I loved your shots (3 words). あらトム、この前の写真はよく撮れていたわよ。

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Benghazi: The Never-Ending Scandal

bag of tricks

bag of tricks は文字通り手品用かばん、手品師のかばんですが、比ゆ的にあらゆる手段という意味で使われることがあります。0:12 whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks. 困った時は魔法のかばんの世話になる。

The Felix the Cat Old Theme
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NepcBliNIQw  1:20 so what does it take to be a successful and skillful follower? it's a pretty good bag of tricks. you have to be a self-starter, a problem solver,,, いい部下になるための条件は?ありとあらゆる資質が要りますね、、、  
If Everyone Is a Leader, Who's Going to Follow?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1ZBmNDR-UM  38:48 if something matters to you, it's worth trying everything in a bag of tricks. 大切なことなら、できることなら何でもするべきだと思うわ。
Hallmark Movies Full Length Romance - The Good Witch's Destiny (2013) (TV Movie)

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2014/12/blog-post_56.html  できることなら何でもするを英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2010/10/blog-post_2481.html  七つ道具を英語でなんと言うか?


hocus-pocus = magic, abracadabra 0:01 there's some hocus-pocus in the new camera on the iPhone 6S. iPhone 6S のカメラにはちょっとした細工がある。

iPhone 6s Camera Shootout
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KToRK_LJAA  0:02 now tomorrow, should you believe in Mayan Calendars or Doomsday scenarios or just hocus-pocus of any shade, it's the end of the world.明日はですね、マヤ暦、世界の破滅シナリオ、いわゆるマジックなどの信仰者にとっては、いよいよこの世の終わりです。
Apocalypse tomorrow?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRtAO-nffz0  0:28 Ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah. La la how the life goes on.  
The Beatles - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (HQ)
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2011/06/blog-post_4201.html  誤魔化しを英語でなんと言うか?

it's a man's world

it's a man's world. man が単数形になっています。1:15 it's a rich man's world.

Abba - Money, Money, Money
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vZpNQUIqIg  6:25 it's a guy's world.
Teen Girl Rebuilds Car from Scratch
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4QRDor2irc  0:56 if you think that French wine making is indeed a man's world, think again.
Wine, women and food
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9-zVGFYwEA  13:28 it seems it's a man's world if you're working at Twitter.
Swipe - Are you too social for a job, and we look at the tech keeping the Tour on track

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2014/09/its-small-world-after-all.html  it's a small world after all



7:27 for modern era of Apple is (6 words) on the world stage, they have a strong devoted following and managed to take home 92% of all smartphone profits in the first quarter of 2015.

How BIG is Apple?


18:53 as breakfast get underway, time for (3 words).

The Biggest Cruise Ships in the World Full Documentary – Megafood


0:45 it is time that the billionaire (7 words) literally.

Commercial-free Trump?


0:35 welcome to your first (1 or 4 words), Mr Trump. because look at the latest poll from Iowa, showing Dr Ben Carson running 9 points ahead there. 人のことばかり言ってる場合じゃないんじゃないの。あんたもそんなこと言えた義理じゃないでしょう。よく言うよ。

Trump vs. Carson and Bush's campaign troubles


0:06 what about learning to be a good follower? it may not (6 words). but as WSJ's work family columnist Sue Shellenbarger is here to tell us, it can be every bit as crucial. リーダーになるよりもフォロワーになるのはいかが?聞こえは同じではないけど、ワシントンジャーナルのコラムニストのシェリンバーガーさんの言うように、フォロワーになるのもリーダーになるのと同様に重要なことです。

If Everyone Is a Leader, Who's Going to Follow?


play by the rules (ルールを守って行動する)が代表的な言い方です。0:26 whether it's jumping from the roof of a building or dangling from the skids of a helicopter, these daredevils don't play by the rules. ビルから飛び降りるにしても、ヘリにぶら下がってそこから飛び降りるにしても、この命知らずな男たちは既存のやり方を無視している。

The World's Most Exciting Job: GoPro Bomb Squad Skydiving
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0AEk9dfpAs  30:20 by now, he should know that his boss doesn't always play by the rules. ダンカン機長は雇い主であるトランプ氏がいつも決められた時間に現れない人であることを思い知っていた。
Mighty Planes S02E03 Trump-757 Full Documentary
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfqFEiP10_E  2:21 that's a fraud on many different levels, but most importantly against the kids who play by the rules. 身代わりの入試試験を受けていた男のしでかした最大の罪はこの入試に備えてちゃんと勉強してきた生徒たちの努力を踏みにじることだ。
The Perfect Score: Cheating on the SAT

a-7149 play by the same rules
b-5547 not playing by the rules

steamroll 力づくで押し通す

まずは、steamroller は道路工事のときに欠かせないロードローラーのこと。ここから steamroll の意味がイメージできる。強行採決を言う意味で政治用語としても使われている。0:12 let's just crush a bunch of stuff with a steamroller. ロードローラーでいくつかの物を潰してみましょう。

Super Steam Roller
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp_1gK9139E  0:41 like a steamroller, Hurricane Patricia is barreling toward Mexico's Pacific coast.
‘Strongest Ever’ Hurricane Patricia Hits Mexico’s Pacific Coast | NBC Nightly News
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PU1DUVeA1k  1:24 Walker steamrolled the unions, forcing them to accept the cuts without negotiations. スコット・ウォーカー知事は組合と交渉とせずに予算削減を力づくで押し通した。
Wisconsin Recall: Tea Party vs. Union Workers

a-9115 got steamrolled


put a muzzle on someone (口止めをする)というイディオムの一部になっている muzzle (口輪) に口止めの意味があります。0:01 A 14 year old girl in British Columbia says she's being muzzled because she's against the corporate sponsor of her soccer team. 14歳の少女は自分の所属するサッカーチームの方針にそっていないので、反対意見を口にしないように釘を刺されている。

Teen soccer player faces a moral dilemma
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBzmbsiYeHs  the government will put a muzzle on all dissidents at freeze 政府は活動を中止している反政府主義者たちの口を封じようとする。
China frees dissident Hu Jia
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br4S8Od4AuY 3:40 put a muzzle on speech in America 言論の自由を制限する
Keiser Report: Kill the copyright cartels buying laws (26Jan12)

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2011/04/kankourei.html  緘口令(かんこうれい)を英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2010/08/blog-post_12.html  口止めをするを英語でなんと言うか?



1:54 why would they be (4 words) basically on one of their 14 old players? どうしてチームのオーナーは14歳の女の子チームの一人を口止めするのでしょうかね?

Teen soccer player faces a moral dilemma


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfqFEiP10_E   5:11 and essentially like my whole clientele were based on (3 words) and like a referral system. 私の客は口コミで、紹介でやってきた。
The Perfect Score: Cheating on the SAT


事実などが明るみに出ないように画策するのを whitewash と言います。1:12 Steve gave him complete access. he was given the instructions by both Steve and Laurene, not to whitewash anything, not to pull any punches. スティーブ・ジョブズの伝記をかいた伝記作家のウォルター・アイザックソンはスティーブ・ジョブズの要請でこの仕事を引き受けたのさ。スティーブは彼に誰に聞いてもいいし、どこで取材してもいいと許可を与え、スティーブと奥さんのローレンから決して綺麗ごとを書いたり、一切の斟酌をしないように釘を刺されていた。

Sorkin: 'Steve Jobs' is a painting, not a photo...
http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/the-9-11-museum/  8:37 you have to tell the story. don't whitewash the story. tell it like it was. the world needs to know. 9.11追悼博物館では、惨状などは伝えたくなかったが、犠牲者の家族らが事実を包み隠すことなくあの日起こったことをそのまま伝えて欲しい、との要請があった。
The 9/11 Museum

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8TjmYEPP1c  1:50 officials are increasinly trying to whitewash the crimes of the past. 役人たちは旧ソビエト時代の犯罪を隠蔽しようとしている。
25 years after fall of USSR, Russians divided over their past

a-2909 whitewashes
b-2422 whitewashed


向こうでは医者になる前にヒポクラテスの誓いを宣誓させられる。Hippocratic Oath という。0:08 I solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of humanity. I will give my teachers the respect and gratitude that is their due. I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity. the health of my patient will be my first consideration. I will respect the secrets that are confided in me, even after the patient has died. I will maintain by all the means in my power the honor and the noble traditions of the medical profession. my colleagues will be my brothers and sisters. I will not permit considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, social standing or any other factor to intervene my duty and my patient. I will maintain the utmost respect for human life. I make those promises solemnly, freely and upon my honor.

Hippocratic Oath / Physician's Creed
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBDFGSZX8ck  0;01 I solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of humanity.  
The Physician's Oath ( Grey's Anatomy )
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjXoBicDADo  4:58 we don't use doctors and nurses because of the Hippocratic Oath. 医者や看護師には死刑執行をさせないのさ。ヒポクラテスの誓いのせいだよ。
How to Kill a Human Being - BBC Horizon
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IRcB92dZ0M  0:41 I'm not looking to hurt anybody. so I wanted to get it right in that sense. you take the Hippocratic Oath and say first do no harm. 私はスティーブ・ジョブズを映画化するに当たってスティーブ・ジョブズの家族に迷惑がかからないように配慮した。ヒポクラテスの誓いを誓って誰も傷つけないようにしたんだよ。
Sorkin: 'Steve Jobs' is a painting, not a photo...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sn5-8sGZ1jw  1;03 in what part of 'first do no harm'...? 精神病院が精神病患者をバスに乗せて遠方に投棄するのは「ヒポクラテスの誓い」の、どの部分?
State Caught "Dumping" Mental Health Patients In California

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2012/12/blog-post_6778.html   カネ、カネ、カネのいやらしいビデオ

a-6570 a doctor's oath
a-8537 Hippocratic Oath
b-0639 the Hippocratic Oath


これには色々な言い方がありますが、ここでは flutter がわかればいいでしょう。1:09 I felt that flutter again. and I was flirty. この女性版バイアグラのお陰で長い間ご無沙汰していたあのドキドキ感が戻ってきた。そして旦那様を誘惑したい気分になったの。

Woman Taking Female Viagra Says Sex Life is 'Like Teenagers in Heat'
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCvdTXrXsBc  1:41 it's a big moment. my heart fluttering. 君の正体を見れるのは滅多にあることじゃないよ。心臓がドキドキしてるよ。
The Stig is revealed - Top Gear - BBC Two
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MduomUTH10  2;04 one woman who took Flibanserin in the study says her libido improved in just two weeks. and all of a sudden I had a flutter. and it was not like a flutter in my heart. it was further south. 突然ときめいて来たの。心臓のときめきじゃなくって、もっと下のほうのときめきを、、、
'Female Viagra' recommended for FDA approval
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdBW7BIg8-k  0:11 you've only got my heart on the string. and everything aflutter.君は僕の心を虜にして、いつもドキドキしてるよ。
Paul McCartney - No More Lonely Nights (music video) HQ

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2009/06/butterflies.html  butterflies

a-2891 aflutter



2:44 there's a chap called Morgan Marquis-Boire, I think I've got that right. and he posted something that says 'gets popcorn.' can you explain what that means? because it's something that (5 words). well, I'm not.

Internet Explorer Security Flaw Poses Risk to Windows XP


4:34 Dan, in your enthusiasm, you have (3 words).

Guinness world :The most dangerous record attempted !


4:45 so what do you think of these (1 word) Chinese cars? are they really different designs? or are they just (7 words)?

Top 7 Chinese Car Knockoffs | China Uncensored


0:04 are you a (1 word), Mrs. Ellyn? I consider myself more of a soldier.

Mulligan: 'Suffragette' Message Is for Everyone


0:56 what is going to (4 words), 10 (to) 20 years from today? こんにちから10年20年後

Michio Kaku on Back to the Future Day


0:19 flying cars like Aeromobile exist. as a business they're barely off the ground. (1 word) for the hoverboards. up until now they've hardly hovered and people riding seem to do most of the flying ,,,, off.

How does 'Back to the Future' match up to the r...


0:01 this is that calm, that is, (3 words). the air is incredibly still. これが嵐の前の静けさというものでしょう。空気はピクリとも動いていません。

Tourists flee Mexican resort town ahead of storm


0:26 a surfer chick with a nice (1 word)
0:51 a grease monkey chick with a sweet (1 word)
1:23 a samurai chick with a kicking kabuki (1 word)
1:53 a tribal chick with a fine bear-skin wrapped juicy double
2:27 an alien chick with a bang and blue (1 word)
5:05 a man with with a delectable (1 word) うまそうなケツ

The Most Famous Convert


0;21 no costume for Donald Trump (4 words) that hair.

Trendiest Halloween Costumes: 'Sexy' Donald Trump, Pizza Rat and More

from today 今日の

from は場所の時は「から」で間違いないが、from + 時間 の時は「の」になることがある。0:56 email from today 今日のメール

5 tips and tricks for OS X El Capitan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqLzoiVzEY8  6:20 810 from today 今日の 810 from yesterday 昨日の  
Daniel Tammet - The Boy With The Incredible Brain [4/5]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9R-igqfCsk  0;20 as a friend from middle school 中学の時の
Burglary Suspect Sobs After Discovering He Went to Middle School With Judge
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5uHsJIqoVo  0:55 so you want to redo your vacation from 30 years ago? 30年前の
Vacation Trailer 2 Official - Ed Helms, Chris Hemsworth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO_ozhAurfA  5:52 photographs of fighters from the past 過去の
Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone on Making 'Grudge Match'
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93Xf3YFmdmI  0:44 the girl from yesterday 昨日少女
The Girl From Yesterday
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyUQccn-Ud8  0:11 the Pro from last year. 去年のサーフェスプロ
Microsoft Surface Pro 2: hands-on with 'the most productive tablet ever built'

a-2681 from last time
a-3987 from years ago
a-5556 from when
a-6949 from 500 years ago
a-7121 from the '80s
a-7274 from like 9 years ago
a-7462 from 2015
b-5615 from college


べらぼう、法外と言いたい時には exorbitant を使います。0:57 today there are a few geishas left in the profession in which female entertainers sing, dance and engage in witty conversation at dinner parties for exorbitant prices.

Tokyo's oldest geisha, 90, vows to work until she dies
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr6UDgKiz0Y  1:09 it's just about impossible, when you have that exorbitant of a vet bill. it's impossible to pay it by yourself.
Miniature donkey mauled while protecting goats
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLuCun19QQ0  1:32 many workers are forced to pay exorbitant private broker fees to navigate the complexities of going overseas.
A high price for migration
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fUaUk3531s  0:24 exorbitant prices for goods and services
New York Officials Work to Curtail Price Gouging

a-2787 exorbitant prices

descend 下り降りる

descend には高い場所から低い場所に降りてくると言う意味がある。下り降りるとは不自然な日本語だが、descend のイメージに合っているように思う。よく聞くイディオムは descend on, descend upon で、時には到着するとも解釈できる。0:09 we're descending towards Hill Valley, California on Wednesday October 21st 2015. われわれは今2015年10月21日水曜日のカリフォルニア、ヒルバレーに向かって着時空態勢に入っている。

Back to the Future Day official trailer
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh28XcnpzX4  0:02 it appears that there is more and more fire and smoke enveloping the very top of the building, and as fire crews are descending on this area, it does not appear that there's any kind of an effort up there yet. now remember, OMG!
9 11 - World Trade Center Attack - LIVE News
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JswfjZ7KZ-0  6:11 Xia Shuqin was 8 years old when the Japanese Army descended on her city and carried out what would become known as 'The Rape of Nanking."
Exposing The Changing Face Of Superpower China
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FgzH2M5GrI  0;27 it's been kind of a whirlwind, very Donald Trump-esque, where he kind of just takes the whole state by storm whenever he descends onto Iowa.  
Donald Trump's Iowa machine
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFyHm6RPJSY  0:13 every summer wealthy car owners from the Middle East descend on affluent parts of the city with their prized motors.
London's supercar crackdown
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsXJ_bfy98c&ob=av3n  0:25 fear me you lords and lady preachers, I descend upon your earth from the skies.
Queen - Seven Seas Of Rhye (Live At Wembley Stadium, Saturday 12 July 1986)

a-6949 descend on



0;28 it is (6 words). 永遠の愛の物語

How Dedicated Wife Runs Business and Communicates With Quadriplegic Husband


1:20 the study was the first of its kind and (4 words) of the future of our oceans. この種の研究では、これが最初であり、私たちの海洋未来の見通しが芳しくないことを示唆している。

Oceans' food chain could collapse


217 If I can have one wish in this world, she packs up all her stuff. she gets on a plane. when she steps off the plane as she walks off, (3 words). but I just feel she's (6 words) here. この難民をつまずかせた女性カメラマンには是非荷物をまとめてロシアに行ってほしいね、そして飛行機から降りてきたところを足をひっかけて転ばせてあげたいよ。この女性カメラマンはもっと世間の非難を浴びることになるような行動ととっている。

Anti-Refugee Camerawoman To Sue The Man She Tripped


0:11 in order to successfully advance the field of medicine, lots of testing and research has to be conducted, specifically on the human body. that's where medical school and anatomy classes (3 words).

What happens if you donate your body to science?


4:40 I want to help Facebook achieve its mission. whatever that means for Facebook is what I'm happy to do. and I ended up in the people world. sort of unexpected for me but it's been a really fantastic (1 word).

How to get hired at Facebook


0:11 looking more like (3 words) from a James Bond movie, that's where humanity has banked the seeds of its survival. 007映画の悪役のアジトのように見えるが、ここには人類の生き残りをかけた種子が保存されている。

Go inside the vault holding our doomsday food supply


3:18 progress is (3 words). honesty, decency, integrity. vote for Goldie.

Khloe Kardashian Calls Off Divorce | ABC News


0:06 this is the Microsoft Surface Book now as opposed to Microsoft Surface Pro that system is basically a full time tablet with a clip-on keyboard cover, that makes it a part-time laptop. the Surface Book on the other hand, a full-time clamshell laptop with a detachable screen, that makes it a part-time tablet. こいつはマイクロソフトのサーフェスブックです。サーフェスプロが半分ノートであったのに対して、これは半分タブレットです。

The Surface Book is Microsoft's first draft of the ultimate laptop


1:34 Etched by a rocky and weather beaten coastline on three sides, The Door Peninsula seems (3 words) the rest of the world.

One of the Most Remote Places in the U.S.


0:14 it's called THE Door Peninsula and stretched out 82 miles northeast from Green Bay, like (3 words) of a knife, reaching right up to the Michigan border.

One of the Most Remote Places in the U.S.


1:47 the relations between the Syrian and Russian Presidents are chilly. - implying that President Putin is ready to (5 words) at any moment. ロシアーシリア間に漂う空気は冷たい、、これはプーチンはいつでもアサッドを切れる用意があることをほのめかしている。

Western media enraged by Assad’s ‘red carpet’ visit to Moscow

pillar について

pillar(柱)についてはすでに何度かブログに書きましたが、おさらいのつもりでもう一度学習してください。0:17 for first-year recruits, month one is a grueling boot camp where they are introduced to the four pillars of this school; academics bilingualism, military and athletics. 防衛大学の一年坊主の最初の一ヶ月間は血の出るような特訓を受けます。それではこの大学の四つの基本理念を叩き込まれます。学問、外国語、武道、体育。

RMR: Rick and the RMC Obstacle Course
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvztREjb3mc  0:40 they are the pillar of the Greek family.年金受給者たちこそがギリシャという家庭の一家の大黒柱なんだよ。
Ordinary Greeks want the economic and political limbo to end
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP_MDRw3Dvg  20;13 she held a family together, provided an emotional pillar. 心の支え。  
The Woman with Half of a Body

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2012/07/blog-post_26.html  一家の大黒柱を英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2013/04/blog-post_1269.html  三本の矢を英語でなんと言うか?

b-1211 the twin pillars


0:19 you give people a (4 words). we always make our (1 word) a good size.

Dining Deal: Carlo's


一応、wuss を頭に入れておきます。2:12 I will do it. but you've got to do it too. otherwise, you know, you're like a wuss. okay, you first. okay. still a wuss. 高速のコインを受けましょう。でも、お前も受けろよ。そうしないと、お前が腰抜けに見えるだろう。お前が先。やっぱり腰抜け。

Penny Drop | MythBusters
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMazLT7qeHI  1;45 it's amazing how decent people tend to be wussy.
Weeding Out a Bad Friend
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJB4dnBShX8  4:06 Barrack Obama needs to put somebody in the Attorney General's office who's not a complete wuss.オバマは腑抜けでないしっかりとした人物を司法長官に起用すべきだ。
Wall Street Mafia Extorts Washington | Interview with Max Keiser

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2015/07/blog-post_20.html  意気地なしを英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2010/03/blog-post_9763.html  泣き虫を英語でなんと言うか?

ヒアリングの練習問題a-6699 Wussolini 注;wuss + Mussolini ムッソリーニ


hassle です。2:00 you can't just plug in a printer. Google's Cloud Print only works with selected printers. setting it up is a hassle. クロームブックはプリンターにケープルでつなぐだけじゃプリントできない。特定のプリンターが必要。これの設定がまた面倒。

Chromebooks Are No Joke
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErsMuoM26ps  0;01 when money is no object and time is of the essence, those who could afford the finest are shunning the hassles of public travel. 金が問題ではなく時間が問題なとき、金持ち庶民の移動手段を遠慮する。
The height of luxury travel
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9tEqVEc5Bs  5:07 you don't need a Santa suit or a fake beard to know checking bags is a hassle. 荷物をチェックインするのが面倒なことはサンタじゃなくても知っている。
Ron Burgundy Co-Anchors KXMB Newscast
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCSKSlm0c5M  0:19 hassle-free holiday tips わずらわしさから開放される休暇の過ごし方の方法。
Travel Tips: How to Travel with Christmas Gifts: Hassle-Free Holiday
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5rN5dbk020  8:05 we wanted all of the technology to make this ship easier for the guests and make it more hassle-free. スマートチェックインとはあらゆるテクノロジーを駆使してゲストの皆様にチェックイン時のわずらわしさを軽減することです。
Quantum of the Seas Technology Shipyard Reveal - CruiseGuy.com

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2013/11/blog-post_2603.html  面倒くさいを英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2010/09/blog-post_4320.html  自然の流れを英語でなんと言うか?

a-2711 a big hassle



1:19 he waled through the door and, you know, (3 words). you couldn't hear anything. ディズニー社長が会社に来ると、皆、急に黙りこんじゃうんだ。シーンと静まり返るのさ。

The Two Sides of Walt Disney


3:13 to tell you the truth, I was not expecting to find mother alive. I thought because of the weather I thought she would have (3 words).

Secret Life of Dogs: Stories That Will Blow You Away - BBC Earth Unplugged


re-cycle, recycle, re-use, reuse がわかれば repurpose, re-purpose もすぐわかる。見ての通り、別の目的のために再利用すること。0:57 in order to develop a way to radically safe water, Nebia had to dig deeper to the mechanics of showers, it looked to existing technology that has been used in jet engines and agriculture and repurposed it to invent new types of nozzles. 安全なシャワーにするためにネビアは既存の技術を転用して新しいタイプのノズルにたどり着いた。

A New Way to Shower
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xESmuZIPjFE  4:15 when I look at these pieces, for me, it really kind of, encapsulates the whole reason why I got in this business, which is to take beautiful things from the past and to either repurpose them, like in this case, or resurrect them by cleaning them and fixing them. これを見ていると、自分がこの商売を始めた当初の目的、昔の装飾品などを他の目的に転用したり、磨いて装飾品のままにするとか、が詰まっているように見える。
An Emotional Surprise Is Hidden in This Suitcase

http://bridge-english.blogspot.com/2020/04/retool-rejig.html  retool, rejig

a-4771 repurpose
a-5213 repurposed
a-8065 repurpose
a-9525 repurposed wool and fleece
b-4813 repurposing

that's my boy

That's my boy. とは自慢の息子くらいの意味ですが、亜流表現をよく聞きます。2:53 that's my uncle Drew.

Uncle Drew | Chapter 1 | Pepsi Max
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI6Lia3mYwc  0:50 that's my guru. 師匠のお陰
Bow Hunting Crash Course
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0YH4xn2dPg  6:12 that's my girl. いい子だ。
Hallmark Christmas Cupid 2015 Romantic
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qupEKq1GEg4  1:22:19 that's my girl. そう来なくちゃ。
Beauty and the Briefcase 2010
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyO84E5K5bg  0:38 that's my tiger.パパのビッグボーイ


ぶらぶら歩く、ぶらぶらと歩き回る、、、mosey around といいます。1:54 we just had to keep moseying around both out there and in here. 共和党と民主党の連中は大統領執務室で月の石をながめながら、政策の不一致について歩き回ったり、考えにふけったりしたもんだよ。

President Clinton’s Cosmic Perspective | StarTalk
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHEhwlGIHJw  15:02 I thought maybe we do a little sightseeing. maybe go to the Emperor's palace mosey around.今日は東京見物でもしようかなと思うの。皇居の周りをぶらつくとか、
i love lucy s9ep02 the ricardos go to japan



2:21 the talented actor didn't (4 words) that Zemeckis was looking for. 初代マーティ役のエリック・ストルツは監督の求めていたコメディーのセンスにかけていた。

107 Back To The Future Facts YOU Should Know! (Cinematica)


1:05 my phone is (4 words). my email is going crazy. 30年前のバック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー2で今年のカブズの優勝を見事的中させたから、電話がひっきりなしにかかってくるよ。

'Back to the Future II' predicts Cubs' 2015 World Series win


0:20 it wasn't just the hoverboards and flying cars that (3 words). it was that BTTF promised us a date when all the stuff will be real. that date is today. Oct 21, 2015.

Back to the Future day is here, and so are products from


1:47 now he has to prove he (4 words).

Who is Justin Trudeau?

great scott

バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー で30年後の未来の OCT 21 2015 が今日。great scott はよく聞いた。0:39 Great Scott! what year is it? 今、何年だ?注;ここでのヒアリングのポイントは日本語の「あざいます」を思い浮かべるといい。日本人同士これで有難うございます、お早うございますで通じるが、日本人意外だとちょっとわからなくなる。

Back to the Future 4 Trailer 2016 - Parody
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aovvbFBdJz4  1:44 great scott!
LEGO Dimensions "Great Scott" Back to the Future Trailer
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XIm_QHLds8  0:06 great scott! Oct 21 2015 marks the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived in the future in the iconic film 'Back to the Future II'.
Marty McFly Impersonator Rides on Hoverboard for 'Back to the Future' Day

a-5039 great scott


11:13 we live together and everything and... no you live under your mama's roof. there's a difference. that's not necessarily living together. that's just kind of (1 or 2 words). あんたたちは独立してなんかいない、自分の母親の家に間借りしているだけ。自立するのと、間借りするのは大違い。あんたたちのやっているのは、母親のところに寝泊りしているだけ。

Teenagers who are eager to get Married Tyra (Tyra Banks Show)


2:13 they were thought to be a cure for various poisons and where worn by nobility as (3 words).



10:38 in order to preserve our backs, we made it higher. also we made (2 words) higher. 腰を痛めないように

DOCS: Superhuman - World's Tallest Children

peel back the onion

peel back the onion, peel the onion はたまねぎの皮を一枚一枚はがすように徐々に核心に迫るということです。0:55 you peel back the onion. そうですね、夫婦間の問題は一つずつ丁寧に解いていかなければなりませんね。

Toilet Seat to the Silent Treatment: What Drives Couples Apart
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT1p_Pb1ntU  34:33 what I noticed early on is people had a lot of shame about their personal debt. and you have to peel the onion back and finally someone has enough courage to say, 'I'm so embarrassed but I have $5,000 in debt. and I haven't been able to pay it off.' 私が当初から気づいていたことは学生ローンを抱え込んでいる学生たちは恥ずかしくてそれを口にすることは無理だった。だから、腫れ物に触るような慎重さで学生の心を開放する努力をすれば、借金を抱えた学生は「実は、、、、」と言えるようになる。  
PBS NewsHour Full Episode - May 6, 2015

a-5076 uncover the layers of the onion
a-9779 peeling back


一般的に war chest と言われます。 2:35 Republicans, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz all have between $10M and $15M in their war chests. 共和党の三候補は、、、の軍資金がある。

Campaign Cash: Donald Trump Drops Thousands on Hats
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr-JcqfYG2E  19:57 in the autumn of 1940, from Holland in the west to Hungary in the east, Hilter is filling his war chest with 600 tons of looted gold.
shocking documentary the secret of gold trading
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27trASLfACE  0:01 having amassed 3 trillion dollar war chest, Chinese firms have gone on a shopping offensive in Europe.
China buying up the UK (13Oct13)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB6ykvjRKJc  3;00 Romney has such an organization, such a huge war chest. 潤沢な選挙運動資金
Romney poised for FL win; Gingrich not giving up

b-2218 war chest


故ダイアナ妃が実践していたデトックス健康法にコーヒー浣腸(coffee enema)がある。コーヒーを肛門から直腸に注入して直腸内をきれいに洗浄するというものらしい。大腸検査の直前に石鹼液で浣腸をされるが、不快極まりない。コーヒーでこれをやると感じちゃうのだろうか?コーヒーは消化器官の入り口に当たる口から飲むものであって、消化器官の出口の肛門から注入するものではない思うが、、もっと驚いたのはコーヒー浣腸用のコーヒーまで市場にあるという。これにはギャフンだ。とにかく、浣腸は enema という。0:09 I'm addicted to coffee enemas. 私はコーヒー浣腸に病みつきになっています。

My Addiction: Coffee Enemas | My Strange Addiction
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pENvHuJd9MY  1:37 coffee enemas
Can a Coffee Enema Help Treat Cancer?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv5e97ySOsI  0:20 coffee enemas are believed to be a vital part of the detox process.
Coffee Enemas - Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses

a-5811 an enema
b-1680 give yourself an enema



1:29 in a video statement, Santiago said he was a former gang member who (2 words) a gang member in a murder trial, and kept a gun for protection. ビデオで、サンチアゴ被告はギャングの一員で、殺人事件裁判でメンバーを売ったので、復讐に備えて護身のために拳銃を所持していたと証言した。

6-year-old accidentally shoots, kills brother


0:35 that's price-gouging. pure and simple. he looks like (3 words) to me.

Bernie Sanders vs. 'the most hated man in America'


1:23 today prosecutors described Asaro as a gangster (1 or 3 words), a cold and callous killer.

Alleged Bonanno Crime Family Mobster on Trial for ‘Goodfellas’ Airport Heist | NBC Nightly News


1:02 that's ... (8 words). まさしく、あなたのおっしゃるとおりです。

Can a Coffee Enema Help Treat Cancer?


0:17 it was just an amazing run, writing features and editorials and exposés. we were always (3 words), challenging (2 words), making sure our voices were heard.

Meet Union College Alumna: Joanna Stern '06


1:15 I have a serious (2 words) this laptop. 私はこのクロームブックにぞっこんなの。

Chromebook Pixel: Why Pay $1,000 to Surf the Web?


0:54 so they have the (1 word). 、、だから、中国にお金はある。

Jamie Dimon: It Will Be 'A Long Time' Before China Overtakes U.S.


0:20 Michael Jackson came and stayed for 10 days on the set. and when I first asked her permission, there's this young singer, a black young singer that I would like to invite, she was not happy. ... she did. we lived together. I went (1 or 2 words) with him. 私昔、マイケルジャクソンとすっぽんぽんで泳いじゃいました。

Jane Fonda dishes on skinny-dip with Michael Jackson

I am open to + 名詞、動名詞

自分が何かを受け入れる準備があるときに、I am open to + 名詞、動名詞 という公式が使える。亜流形は I am open for がある. 3:02 I am very open to modeling. モデルをやる気はあります。

"I’ve Got America’s Longest Legs"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP1X0jYTNPo  0:55 are you open to pretty much any color or? どんな色でも構わないかしら?
Jealousy-Inspiring Prom Dress Needed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MQNCPapnxQ  2:20 I'm open to any way to pay for this. 学生ローンを少しでも軽くするためなら、どのような方法でも考えてみたい。
Warren continues fight on student debts
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfzDi5O2QDY  21:45 now it just so happens (that) I'm open for wooing. 私はいきなりセックスするような尻の軽い女じゃないけど、偶然、求愛なら受ける用意がある。
New movies - I Hate Valentine's Day 2009 past 1/2 - 720p HD - Full movie

b-0179 I am open to hearing any advice
b-1212 I am open to suggestions
b-2489 he's open to
b-5638 I am open to suggestions

my jaw hit the floor 驚きのあまりあごが外れそうになる。

日本語ではほっぺたが落ちるの意味であごが落ちるというが、英語であごが落ちるとは口をあんぐりさせる事、つまり驚くことだ。驚きすぎると、アゴが床を直撃する。日本語で言う、驚きのあまりあごが外れるに相当する。2:27 when people see me in heels, they are like OMG, their jaw kind of hits the floor.

"I’ve Got America’s Longest Legs"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6e2FL-o1zs  10:28.. who say when Brad Katsuyama came to my office and laid out to me how the market was rigged, 'my jaw hit the floor.' ウォール街の大物たちは自分たちはどのようにカモられていたかを勝山さんからを聞いて、皆ビックリした、といっていたよ。
The Market Is Rigged 60 Minutes

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2013/02/blog-post_4733.html  驚いたときの顔

a-3318 drop to the floor
a-6422 their jaws hit the floor
b-3171 jaws really are on the ground


トランプと言えば、共和党の大統領候補として世間を騒がせている人物の名前でもあるが、trump には人を負かす、人に勝つという意味がある。1:15 in Paris, food trumps tennis. 全仏オープンテニスではお目当てはテニスよりも食い物だ。

Food Trumps Tennis at French Open
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIKXOiLUDew  0:30 the design student from NY believes she can trump the current record holder - model Lauren Williams - by just half an inch.
"I’ve Got America’s Longest Legs"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-qkhLDmq9A  0:41 with negative ratings, it seems Donald has his work cut out if he's to trump the other candidates and make it all the way to the White House. よくない評判を背負っているトランプ氏が他の候補をものともせず見事大統領になれれば、今回の立候補は彼におあつらえ向きだったといえそうだ。
Donald Trump says he's running for US president
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZaNiTt-b-4  0:54 life trumps death, good trumps evil, truth trumps lies, hope trumps despair.
Faithful From Manhattan To Vatican City Celebrate Easter
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnFBGxP793I  4:07 in that environment, sovereign interest can trump preexisting agreements. そういう状況下では国家は前政権の交わした条約なども破棄できる。
[295] Greece is the perfect example of debt deflation



6;01 oh my gosh! the laboratory. so (7 words), huh?

Sex + Food: Edible Intimates


1:13 this is the palace. this is like (4 words) of the dildo factories. ここは国内最高の大人のおもちゃ会社ですね。

Sex + Food: Edible Intimates


0:13 thousands of Chinese companies are presenting their latest gadgets at China's largest trade fair. it's seen as (3 words) the entire economy.

China Retail Trade Fair kicks off | DW News


2:31 (5 or 6 words), boys. to go from where we started to where we're at in such a short period of time, it's been a hell of a (2 words). 二年という短い期間にここまで成長したが、かなり勉強することがあったよ。その間、色々な落とし穴があったよ。

Buy street-legal cars from sci-fi flicks


エクソシスト(悪霊払い)といえば、40年ほど前の恐怖映画のことだろう。英語では exorcist で、exorcise をする人のこと、この悪霊払いは exorcism という。さて、悪魔とかデーモンなどは神の数に正比例する(と私は思っている)から、神などがいないとわかれば、悪魔などいるはずもないとすぐに結論は出る。(もちろん、妖怪、幽霊、お化け、妖怪人間、サンタクロースもいないことになる。)わたしの目にはエクソシストはキリスト教による茶番、マッチポンプとしか映らない。1:12 let Jesus fuck you. 1;22 do you know what she did, your cunting daughter?

the exorcist 1973 Trailer
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s8qjgB5iTM  0;28 a witness, quoted in the New York Post, reported hearing the man, who they say is known to the victim, performing an apparent exorcism on Hines before stabbing her. モーガン・フリーマンさんの孫娘の刺殺犯は孫娘のエディーナ・ハインズさんに悪魔祓いをして、その後、刺殺に及んだと言う。
Morgan Freeman's granddaughter murdered in alleged 'exorcism'
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGILjw4q6N4  18:07 nine years on, her husband and parents pray with her, as a faith healer attempts to exorcise the demon monster. へザーはやぶ医者から悪霊を追い払う祈祷を受けている。
A Hundred Orgasms A Day My Shocking Story


1:04 but the big issue is; is it just, can it just be a business trip when there are so many strategic issues in which China touches? and that, I think, is (3 words) what is making a lot of people just a little bit nervous about this trip.

Chinese President to visit the UK