10:45 a (2 words) is important in Japanese culture.

101 East - When I Die: Inside Japan's Death Industry


10:06 one important aspect of funerals is displaying (3 words).

101 East - When I Die: Inside Japan's Death Industry


0:58 Stella Tumang has 5 children. like many others here, they live in a makeshift tent close to Manila's port area. they (2 words) garbage daily just to earn a living.

Filipino boy's 'future secured' after photo goes viral


2:17 when the big BIG ONE hits, many of the bridges in the state are expected to collapse including the Ross Island Bridge in Portland and the Interstate Bridge, an important (1 word) for the region connecting Portland to Vancouver WA. 次に大地震が起きたら、オレゴン州の橋の大部分は崩落するだろう。ポートランドのRoss Island Bridge やこの地域の大動脈のInterstate Bridge も落ちるだろう。

States struggle with needed transportation fixes


1:17 his incision is way back in this nice hair. he had survived (3 words) with this kind of a defect. 切開したのは髪の毛の生え際からかなり奥(だから、手術のあとは見てもわからない)。頭蓋骨の一部が無く、脳が皮一枚で生まれてきたという奇形にしては、医学の常識を覆して、この子は生き延びたよ。

Boy born missing a wedge of skull gets second chance


1:26 whatever you might think of him, politically or otherwise. he's (7 words). he's developing golf courses. he's creating more jobs. あなた方メディアが大統領候補のトランプさんをどのように思おうが、トランプさんは口先よりも行動の人物で、スコットランドにゴルフ場をつくって、雇用を生み出している。

Donald Trump visits golf course in Scotland


1:37 (it) made me feel like there was (4 words).

12-Year-Old Boy Gets Hundreds of Books After Mailman's Plea Goes Viral | NBC Nightly News


2:09 it's been a huge blow for the authorities. because, as Alessandro says, the authorities invited the investors into this bubble. they encouraged them to take loans to buy stocks. now (4 words). ,,, バブルが弾けたことは、中国政府にとっては大変な痛手だ。というのもそもそも庶民に金を借りて株式市場に投資しろと号令をかけたのは中国政府だからだ。

China stock sell-off hits confidence | Analysis Review


0:36 when you battery goes beneath 20%, then Apple will ask you if you want to turn on Low Power Mode. that means you apps and email will stop updating in the background and you get even more (1 word).

Apple's iOS 9 beta: Our first impressions

page-turner おもしろい本.

page turner は面白さのあまり寝食を忘れてしまうような本のことです。2:28 I read the novel and it was a real page-turner. 「ゴーストライター」という映画のオリジナル本は映画を作る前に読んだよ。ああいう本はついつい寝るのを忘れてしまうから体によくないね。

Dashing Pierce Brosnan on mimicking Tony Blair - The Ghost
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMj82FB42WA  1;21 this is such a wild book. I mean it's a real page-turner. 幽霊艦隊は奇抜な本ですね。いやぁ、面白い本だ。
Ghost fleet: History of a future war

a-2561 page-turners
a-2627 page-turner


on the hook for が便利です。4:28 if the bank takes the property, they'll still be on the hook for an enormous loan. もし銀行が抵当に入っているマンションを差し押さえたとしても、レーパスさんにはまだ莫大な借金が残る。

Non-performing loans - Risk for Greek banks | Made in Germany
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGED4Z6TrtY  2;06 Argentina could be on the hook for a lot. アルゼンチンは莫大な借金を背負うことになる。
Argentina Defaults According to S&P: What Now?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmfVzU88dSY  18:05 the owners, employees and creditors of these institutions are rewarded when they succeeds, but it is all of us, the taxpayers, who are left on the hook if they fail. this is called private profits and socialized risk. 投資銀行を言うものは人の金で博打を打って、勝てば儲けは自分たちのもの、負ければ、そのツケを国民に押し付ける。こいつは利益の私物化、リスクの国有化だ。
Inside Story - Capping bonuses: Too little, too late?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JO4VF_3XDs  3:07 the buck has stopped with the Irish taxpayer on the hook for €90B in bailouts. 最終的に、9億ユーロの救済金のツケを背負うのはアイルランド国民だ。
Boom & Gloom: Ghost town shame haunts ex-'Celtic Tiger' after bubble burst

a-3651 on the hook for


goofball は間抜け、どじ、能なしくらいの意味。1:36 what a bunch of goofballs! トランプとペイリンは実に愉快なお馬鹿さんコンビだ。

Donald Trump: Sarah Palin Is "Special"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLFb_MvxL4c  0:40 he was often considered as a goofball of the Beatles. リンゴ・スターはビートルズのなかでは才能に乏しいとされてきた。
Beatles' Ringo Starr Gets His Personal Story Told in 'Ringo - With a Little Help'
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smgP8-drkL8  3:34 in real life, Danes reported that DiCaprio was a nuisance on set, acting very immature due to his pranks on crew members and general goofball attitude. ロメオとジュリエットでジュリエット役のクレア・デーンズは幼稚でくだらない冗談を連発したり、間抜けな態度のレオナルド・ディカプリオをロケの厄介者と決め込んでいた。
Top 10 Movie Couples Who Hated Each Other in Real Life



0:08 that's (1 word). that is so xxx. it's just so gross.


1:02 the family only has €400 for groceries. many customers here are (4 words). 払うものを払ったらブリオニスさんの家計には食費400ユーロしか残らない。ここに買い物に来る人たちは皆同じ境遇だ。

Greece: Cutbacks in everyday life | DW Business


14:15 (4 words). 以上のことを総合的に考えてごらん。注;簡単ですが、重要な表現です。

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Panic In The Markets, Panic In the Air" - (7/27/15)


0:27 of course I want to (5 words).0:50 I don't think the word 'exaggerate' is a good word. I wanna (5 words) things.

Trump: 'We're being led by stupid people'

AC クーラー

AC とは Air Conditioning のことで、エアコン、クーラー、冷房 のことです。0:29 the most New Yorkers we spoke to are taking the soaring temperatures in stride, but those who woke up this morning to no power, no AC, well the smiles you see don't mean they are happy. インタピューした人たちはうだるような暑さにめげず屈託のないようすだったが、朝目覚めて、この暑さ、しかも停電、冷房無しじゃ、笑うしかない。

Sizzling Temps And Power Outages
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USvDyCJItCQ  1;19 air conditioning 冷房
Staying Cool Can Be Difficult
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDWtn4g0e9U  46:55 it's hot in here. we should turn the AC on.
Hallmark Movies Full Length Romance - The Good Witch's Destiny (2013) (TV Movie)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpkV_eXRlKE  0:29 and the air-conditioning turned up so high that it felt like Antarctica in there. クーラーを一杯まで上げたので南極のようにギンギンに冷えた。
The Wolf Of Wall Street (2014) "Was All This Legal?"

a-4878 AC
a-5002 no AC


1:59 the World Bank wants to pump (1 word) from the Red Sea into the Dead Sea but environmental groups call that '(5 words).'

Sinkholes in receding Dead Sea wreak havoc on local communities


ローマが汚いのは昔からだった(特に、ナポリの汚さはローマの比ではない)が、ここまでひどく報道されるのはよほど汚いのだろう。0:25 mafia infiltration マフィアの勢力拡大、要するに、トラック運送業がマフィアの支配下にあるために、市や国がマフィアに十分な上納金を出さないと、マフィアはゴミの収集を許さない、、という意味。0:43 things are no better on public transport with chaos on Rome's (1 word) (1 word) metro service, drivers have staged a series of go-slows amid privatization fears. as for its (1 word) fleet of buses, well, just ask this unfortunate passenger what he thinks.

What's gone wrong with Rome?


1;55 but to others, (6 words) China's actions. 政府の株式市場への介入の是非はまだ白黒をつけるべきではないと言う人もいる。

China's stock market gets a reality check


1:35 I'm disappointed not so much with the intervention (2 words). but I'm disappointed that it seemed to be uncoordinated and very heavy-handed. much of this intervention smacks of the police state. 中国政府が株暴落にたいして介入したこと自体に対してはがっかりしていないけど、その介入の仕方が許せない。警察国家そのものの介入だったね。

China's stock market gets a reality check

big game 大きな獲物

big game はハンターが狙うライオン、熊、サイ、、、などの野生の猛獣です。game には獲物という意味があります。1:27 and posted several pictures of himself with big game that he hunted with the crossbow in the past. この歯科医は自分がクロスボーで撃ち殺した大型の獲物と一緒に撮った写真をインターネット上に公開していた。

Beloved lion killed, hunter says he has regrets
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u10Dwo8tVtE  1:45 this is my big game rifle. こいつが俺の自慢の狩猟用のライフル銃さ。

gilded 金ぴかの

gilded は金箔で覆われた、成金的なという意味があります。0:38 all the gold is gilded. すべて金箔で覆われています。

Living Large: Prime Property In Franklin Lakes
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0R6TLNRpiY  3:05 Princess Sahar sent these pictures of their villa to show it's far from a gilded cage. サウジ国王の幽閉されている王女は自分の幽閉されている場所の写真を公開して黄金の鳥かごの待遇ではないことを主張した。
Saudi princesses 'held captive' for over a decade
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3Oa8rBl9l4  0:16 inside a dinning room is a celebration of a Gilded Age. ロシアに脱出したビクトル・ヤヌコビッチ大統領邸のダイニングルームは成金時代の権化だった。
Yanukovich's life of luxury

a-2272 gilded wall carvings


the nature of the beast (獣の本性)といいます。2:22 when it comes to shorts. shorts are generally a little bit more casual. (it's) the nature of the beast. じゃ、ステテコについて、ステテコはちょっとカジュアル、そういうものです

The Maxwell Moment: Don't Get Your Knickers in a Knot - How to Fold Trousers
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw0kW47D0QQ  0:45 as you know as all us know when you're running for President of the United States, you whole life basically is open and your life is gonna be open, if you continue to do well in a poll. that's just the nature of the beast, right? オハイオ州知事のあたなが大統領候補のトランプ氏の過去の離婚劇についてコメントをされないようだが、アメリカでは、大統領選に打って出たら、そいつの私生活はむき出しにされるし、ましてやその候補が人気者ならなおさらのことでしょ?大統領選とはそういうものでしょ?  
John Kasich on Donald Trump: Leave him alone



3:29 (3 words), man, on how the world really works. 実社会がどうなっているか、ちゃんとわかっとけよ。

One of the most racist moments live on television. smh this is crazy.


1:18 this is a big job. and it's a major job. and (5 words) for New York. 空港の建て替えはニューヨークにとっては一世一代の大勝負になる。

Peek at New York's Soon-To-Be LaGuardia Airport


0:59 but when Chinese consumers lose their money on the stock market, they have nothing left to spend. and that (4 words) domestic consumption which has repercussion far beyond China. 一般の投資家がお金をすってしまえば、国内消費に向かうお金がなくなってしまう。これは中国経済に水を差すばかりでなく、その影響は世界経済にも広がる。

China market turmoil hits small investors | DW Business


0:40 what we're offering is an experience that uses food and cooking (3 words) for a cultural learning and cross-cultural exchange and meaningful interaction.

Immigrant Women Share Cooking Secrets In A Unique Home-Based School | NBC News


0:40 this offers all of that as well at a much lower price tag, selling for $2,950 compare to well over $3,000 that other LG model, so you're getting (5 words) here at a much lower price. このKenmoreの名で売られている観音開きの冷蔵庫はLG製ですが、先日紹介したLGの$3000以上する冷蔵庫よりも$2,950と安くなっていて、LG冷蔵庫の機能はそっくりそのまま付いています。

This Kenmore French door fridge wins CNET's Editors' Choice


3:48 and secondly, on immigration, he's put the immigration topic (4 words). 大統領候補のトランプ氏は建前ではなく本音で語り、次に不法移民問題を提起した。

Dr. Jerome Corsi: Trump Is The Real Deal


1:18 but had Greece existed the Eurozone, (6 words), it could've been converted to the country's former currency, the Drachma. もし、ギリシャがユーロ諸国から脱退した場合は、号令一つで、ユーロからドラクマへの移行は遂行されていたと、前財務相のヤニス・バルファキス氏は語った。

Greece talks - Why has parliament received 2 complaints against Varoufakis?


1:05 he said to me he called the trial a sham and he said the judges have been operating (2 words).死刑判決を受けた一人はこの裁判は茶番で裁判官たちは死刑判決を無理強いされていた。

Gaddafi's son, 8 officials sentenced to death by Tripoli court


0:32 Bel, (5 words), if you can, on the developments in the past hour. 最新情報を教えてください。

Gaddafi's son, 8 officials sentenced to death by Tripoli court


0:17 indeed, 43-year old Saif al-Islam Gaddafi had a cataclysmic (3 words).

Gaddafi's son trial run by militia, court under pressure - lawyer


1:51 if China sneezes, the world definitely will (3 words).

Has China's economic bubble burst?


0:52 individual investors have been hurt and hurt badly by the slide. millions of them piled into the market because of loosening of the regulation allowing ordinary Chinese to borrow money to invest; so-called (2 words). 中国株式市場の下落で一般の投資家たちはかなりの痛手を負った。彼らは信用取引の解禁により株式市場に群がっていた。

Has China's economic bubble burst?

マダム・タッソー Madame Tussauds

マダム・タッソー は Madame Tussauds(発音に注意)です。0:01 it's like Madame Tussauds but with real bodies. 蝋人形のようですが実物です。

'Doctor Death' opens museum of preserved bodies in Berlin
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8m2hljQcgU  0:45 singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has been immortalized in wax. he is the latest star to have a wax-wrought model of themselves added to the collection of Madame Tussauds in New York.
ShowBiz Minute: Knight, Jackson, Sheeran
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gay1xbzj-fc  0:55 Madame Tussauds House of Wax マダム・タッソーの蝋人形館
YouTube Stars Get Their Own Wax Figures

a-2335 Madame Tussauds

bully pulpit について

bully pulpit は偉そうなことを宣(のたま)えられる壇上、という意味です。大統領の権威を意味する言葉です。0:01 Roosevelt is the first person that defined the term 'bully pulpit.' and what he meant by it was that the President has an unparalleled platform to educate the country and to have moral fervor delivered to the country so that the people themselves will become extraordinarily interested in certain programs and push the congress which in his time was reluctant to act on the problems of the industrialites and push them to take action. so he really thought of it as a pulpit in the sense that it was a moral platform but the bully in his time didn't meant what we think of as bully now. it meant awesome or splendid or great. 「崇高な壇上」とはルーズベルト大統領の言葉で、米国大統領の地位は国民を啓蒙したり、士気を高め、やる気の無い議会を動かすための格好の手段だった。bully という言葉については、当時は崇高な、素晴らしいくらいの意味で、現在の弱いものいじめのような意味ではなかった。

Doris Kearns Goodwin: The Power of Teddy Roosevelt's Bully Pulpit
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNIeIsbrYRE  0:45 and the President used that bully pulpit to call for change. そして、オバマ大統領は大統領の権威を笠に着てケニアにチェーンジを呼びかけた。
Obama Pushes For End To Corruption In Kenya | NBC Nightly News
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gldXct0oSo  1:22 President Obama took his bully pulpit to Norfolk, Virginia. オバマはバージニア州のノーフォークに向かった。注;ここで何で、何かしらの注文をつけることが予想できます。
Three days to cuts: Where's Congress?

a-3343 have a bully pulpit
a-4078 bully pulpit

clock in at

clock in at はいくらかの(時間や単位を)計測する、所要する、かかるという意味です。6:48 with the third highest murder rate of any major city in the country in 2011, it’s no wonder St. Louis clocks in at number four on our list. 第四位に食い込んだ。

Top 10 Dangerous Cities in the US
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opwBw-O_UaY  6:58 next up, clocking in at #7, Kraft Dinner Smart. お次に、 虚偽誇大広告製品の第七位にランクされたのはクラフトのディナースマートです。
10 "healthy" food labels, exposed (CBC Marketplace)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Jt-pfCrmvc  1:53 part travelogue and party policy treatise, “Hard Choices” clocks in at 600 pages, focusing largely on Clinton's time as secretary of state.ヒラリーの書いたハードチョイスは国務長官時代の旅の随筆や外交の要綱などが盛り込まれ、そのページ数は600頁に及ぶ。
Is 'Hard Choices' a presidential pitch for Clinton?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG_opbak_8k  1:00 currently the robot cheetah has a top speed of 10mph which pales in comparison to a real cheetah which clocks in at 60mph. 目下、ロボットチーターは時速16キロで時速90キロ(で走る)本物のチーターの足元にも及ばない。
Crave - 3D Pocketcopter crowdfunding soars despite no working prototype, Ep. 175



0;09 the issue features their story titled, Cosby; the woman an unwelcome sisterhood. 今週のNY マガジンの表紙はコスビーに犯されたと主張する35人の女性です。そのタイトルは、コスビーと不運なマラ兄弟です。注;マラ兄弟はbajingo sisters, アナ兄弟は wiener cousins などと言われますが、あまり知られてはいません。

Cosby's alleged sexual assault victims make NY Magazine cover
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WomTC7kwBvQ  0;30 Sean, you and I had sex with the same woman. therefore we are wiener cousins.
Scrubs J.D. and Sean Are Wiener Cousins

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx3eIMmYQUo  2:15 milk brothers 乳飲み兄弟
Breastfeeding Photo Shakeup
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-Pm5092a0c  2:07 sister wives 姉妹妻
'My Five Wives': A Different Look at Modern Polygamy


1:22 it's a lot easier and it's a lot cheaper to go build manufacturing facilities out (3 words).

Method CEO bets on Chicago's South Side


19:29 (5 words), it is biochemically identical to the sodium nitrite that we would be seeing in (2 words). セロリーエキスと言うやつはどう考えても、亜硝酸ナトリウムと同一の物質で、いわゆるプロセス食品につかわれているやつさ。

10 "healthy" food labels, exposed (CBC Marketplace)


20:04 okay, here is (3 words) you. your x-rays are fine. hemoglobin levels are normal. 君の検査結果を発表しようね。レントゲン写真では異常なし。ヘモグロビンも正常値。

The Wedding Planner 2001


8:56 to get (3 words) marketing healthy food, we go to Matthew Diamond. 栄養価の高い加工食品の販売促進についての情報を得るために、専門家のダイアモンドさんを訪ねました。

10 "healthy" food labels, exposed (CBC Marketplace)


5:02 we don't (1 word) things with Angie. アンジーさんには包み隠さずに事実を伝えた。

10 "healthy" food labels, exposed (CBC Marketplace)


0:31 have you (2 words)?

10 "healthy" food labels, exposed (CBC Marketplace)


3:37 this book coined the phrase Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement or BATNA for short. this book basically said, if you have no good alternative to a negotiated agreement, no good BATNA, no (2 words), you're not negotiating, you're bluffing. if the other side knows you're bluffing, you are going to (2 words).

[401] Chinese market meltdown and the secret Greek Plan B


0:19 (5 words), right? not always. not when one of them hops on a bulldozer and brings that fence down.

Man Arrested for Allegedly Terrorizing His Neighbor for the Past 5 Years


0:54 the manager in my Correctional Service told me to (3 words) and be a man, that I should be able to just shake it off. 刑務所の廊下はション便やクソまみれで滑りやすい、、、それが普通で、気が狂いそうになる、、、、刑務所の上司は男だろ我慢しろ、そんなことぐらいでへこたれてどうする、と言うが、、、

Prison Guard Struggles with PTSD


2:59 meanwhile Clinton ignored a chance to (4 words) him. トランプ氏に批判されているヒラリーはやり返す絶好の機会を棒に振った。

Poll: Trump Surges Among GOP, Clinton Leads Sanders | NBC Nightly News

checkered past

checkered past, chequered past = bad history 2:22 I'm wondering why Rich Dad would partner with a company with such a checkered past.「金持ち父さん貧乏父さん」のロバート・キヨサキさんが一体なんでこのような如何わしい会社と商売しているんですか、理解に苦しみますね。

'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Robert Kiyosaki Exposed - Part 3 of 3 Investigative Report
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbL8XCp5dOw  1:11 now record revealing Jackson's checkered past. ジャクソンの尋常でない過去が明らかになった。
Woman Charged With Murder in US Navy Sailor's Traffic Death
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beh2q5FLGBA  0:43 we're also learning more about Houser and his checkered past. 映画館無差別銃撃の容疑者ハウザーの暗い過去について調査中です。
Louisiana theater shooter showed extreme views

a-2502 checkered past
a-3566 your checkered past
a-3903 checkered careers
a-5509 his checkered past

go haywire

go haywire = go bonkers, go crazy, go awry, out of whack, run amok ,,,, 0:01 I don't care what your mother says. maybe she's gone haywire too. 女房がなんと言っても絶対に許さん。あいつもお前みたいにのぼせたかも知れんからな。

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (1967) - Sidney Poitier (You Don't Own Me)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLO8cj-W__I  0:52 the last thing I want to do is embarrass myself in front of everyone with a dog that's going haywire.
Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart sit front row at Mulberry show
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiayQC_5wTQ  4;30 and if the flares get strong enough, they can mess with GPS and cell towers and make electricity go haywire. 太陽フレアが活発になれば、GPS、携帯基地局 あるいは電気に支障をきたす。
CNET Buzz Report: Angry Birds and Roku: together at last
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8szeqNb2lQ  7:59 Bruce and Jenna Simpson were having a relaxing honeymoon until it went haywire.
Wild Extreme Animal Attacks - [National Geographic Documentary]

a-2195 goes haywire
a-2417 went haywire
a-5729 go a little haywire


T-bone で側面衝突するの意味です。0:55 we have one situation, one accident, where a motorist t-boned one of our school buses. バスの横っ面に体当たりされた事故があった。

Kids Stay Safe After Car Crashes into School Bus
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qvw0xJPyFd4  0:43 ... when a driver failed to give way at an intersection and t-boned another vehicle.
Horror Smash
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9liPJbmARQ  1:13 after it was t-boned, the ambulance fell on its side. 横からぶつけられて、救急車は横倒しになった。
Ambulance Crash Kills EMT



3:38 his sushi was getting like way out of control when he he was putting gold flakes on sushi. you know what? the basic product, simplicity of it, (2 words). we were getting so far away from that. I just wanted to bring it back. you know to make it simpler. うちの旦那がカリフォルニアの友達の手伝いに行ったときは寿司の上に金箔をのせたりして、とんでもない代物を作っていた。基本に戻り、質素で舌のとろけるようなものを作らないと。旦那はすっかり基本を忘れていた。旦那を正気に戻して、いい寿司を作ってもらいたかった。

The Sushi Chef: Oona Tempest and Toshio Oguma


0;22 at just 12 years old, her family's drama was turned into (3 words) on “Being Bobby Brown.”

Daughter of Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown, dies


1:26 I'm talking a great actor. I (3 words). ホイットニー・ヒューストンの娘で、死んでしまったボビー・クリスティーナは大女優の素質があった。マジだよ。

Bobbi Kristina Brown dies after months in hospital


1:42 people are exhausted and they are nervous, that (2 words) there will be no deal. what are you telling to the Greek people? how are you (3 words)? 月曜になっても、EUとの妥協案が成立しなければ、国民にどのように申し開きをするのですか?どのようにして国民の感情をなだめるのですか?

Greek Minister of State: Greece's heart is in Europe


0:29 so companies are having to figure out what do they have to do to (1 word) this. 原油価格の下落によりシェールガス関係の会社では人員削減を余儀なくされている、、、、これらの会社はこの難局を打破するための工夫を凝らさなければいけない。

U.S. energy firms slash jobs as crude oil prices drop


1:30 there's bipartisan agreement on that but (4 words); the highway trust fund runs empty in just seven days. インフラの修復は両院が合意しましたが、残念!道路整備予算があと七日で底をついてしまう。

Poor U.S. Road Conditions Put a Strain on Motorists’ Wallets | NBC Nightly News


0:01 at the first report of last night's mass shooting inside a movie theater, a lot of us probably had the exact same thought; (3 words)!昨夜映画館で起こった無差別銃撃事件に、私たちはまったく同じ思いに駆られただろう。もういい加減にしてくれ!と、、

Mass Shootings Bring Gun Control Debate Front and Center | NBC Nightly News

Our Lady of Guadalupe 聖母マリア

聖母マリアには AKA が複数存在します。Our Lady of Guadalupe とも言われます。0:25 it's just the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 信者には何でもかんでも聖母マリアに見えてしまう人間がかなりいます。異文化圏の人間と付き合うのは容易ではないということがわかると思います。

Do you see Virgin Mary in this log?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWeyHfbs67w  0:36 it's apparent when Our Lady comes because there is a very obvious change in Gianna's countenance and her posturing. 聖母マリアが降臨するときには、妻の顔つきや姿勢が変わるんで、わかりやすいよ。
Alleged Miracle | Explorer


2:23 Matt's mom Nicola was (3 words) when her son was born in 2005.

Lauren Laverne's Lifeline Appeal for Kidney Research UK - BBC One


0:01 leaving behind the high-rises of Hong Kong, thee volunteers are bound for one of its forgotten corners and a day of work (4 words).

A rice renaissance for Hong Kong's villages


0:15 the project (2 words) during last year's pro-democracy protest which brought tens of thousands of people to the streets.

Hong Kong's precarious press freedom situation

calm について

動詞のcalm にはご存知の通り静める、収める という意味がある。1:04 close the window, clam the light. and it will be all right. 窓を閉めて、明かり落とせば、なにもかもうまくいく。

Rita Coolidge - We're All Alone (1978) HD 0815007
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyxcPUkGY3s  2:14 the two counties have a tense history that is doing them no favors in calming the waters. ドイツのギリシャの緊迫した歴史は両国間の緊張を解きほぐすためには何の役にも立っていない。
Why Do Greece And Germany Hate Each Other?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttGs0tbrqPs  0:00 after all this fright, you may need something to calm your nerves. 存分に恐怖を味わったら、何かで緊張を解きほぐさなくちゃね。
Toni On! New York: Have A Cocktail & Snack To Calm Your Nerves

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2011/02/self-soothing.html  self-soothing

a-2148 calming their nerves

choir クワイヤー

choir は合唱隊、聖歌隊という意味です。スペルと発音に注意します。なんとなくフランス語(例 reservoir, abattoir, au revoir, repertoire ) の匂いがする。0:25 it's choir class at Oak Harbor high school. 合唱の時間

'Man Choir': It's more fun than football
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCIrPJ6SBl4  1:19 But I don't see any angels in the city. I don't hear any holy choir sing. この街に天使の姿は見えないし、天界から降り注いでくる歌声も聞こえない。
Tonight Is What It Means to be Young - Streets of Fire
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn5y6bOLizA  2:13 Nights when we sang like a heavenly choir of the life and the times of the Mull of Kintyre.
Paul McCartney "Mull Of Kintyre" (Versions I & II) 1977
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR1OxEFGwXQ  3:00 James Bond - who only has to make love to a woman and she starts to hear heavenly choirs singing. 007、女をたらして、メロメロにするスパイ。
Top 10 Evil James Bond Women

Give a thief enough rope and he’ll hang himself

Give a thief enough rope and he’ll hang himself は、勝手にやらせておけば、自滅すると言う意味です。0:36 there is an old saying that if you give somebody enough rope, they will hang themselves. どうしようもない奴らには、勝手にやらせておけば自滅すると言う格言がある。

NIA reacts to my Pump & Dump Revelation
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2zl91mVVps  2:22 what we learned from the last Republican go around in 2012 is when you have a lot of people like this and a lot of debates, it gives you enough rope to really just get bad stuff on every single one of people running for President.前回の2012年の共和党の大統領候補の候補指名争いでよくわかったことはサラ・ペイリン氏のように話題を振りまくタイプの人たちは勝手に自滅するので、ドナルド・トランプ氏についても勝手に喋らせておけば問題ないということです。
Candidates slam Donald Trump as bad news for the GOP - LoneWolf Sager(◑_◑)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVcPp1y8o90  0:22 some capitalists have bought the rope to hang themselves with 強欲な銀行家たちはいよいよ自滅の道を選んだようだ
Keiser Report, Markets and governments hiding their frauds from taxpayers (18Oct11)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=q0mljE9K-gY&feature=endscreen  5:33 the archbishop had dealt himself enough rope to hang himself. 大司教は策におぼれて自滅してしまった。
Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss: Something from Nothing, at ANU



1:37 if you (2 words) long enough to tell me,,,, あんたが、ちょっと落ち着いて話してくれれば、

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (1967) - Trailer


1:15 it took 30 minutes to get the impressive fire under control. more than 100 firefighters were on-scene to (4 words) the flames and evacuate hotel guests.

Las Vegas Hotel Fire


0:07 It’s 21 (2 words) on one of the most famous mountain stages in the Tour de France.

Tour de France 2015: Atop Cycling's Mile-High Stadium


0:04 to Harold Dubee, (5 words) he's 91. and with a help of caregiver, he lives entirely on his own, golfing, (3 words). I think I'm (3 words) right there.

Is this drug the first step to the fountain of youth?

rave について

rave には何かに取り付かれたように夢中になる、熱狂的に喋り捲る、大声で怒ったようにまくし立てるなどの意味がある。いい意味なのか悪い意味なのかは文脈での判断となる。0;05 thousands of Israelis and tourists raved for 12 hours on Thursday for a party taking place from sunset to sunrise in the Dead Sea. 死海で開かれた夜通しダンスパーティで、イスラエル人や観光客は夜通し狂ったように踊り通した。

Dead Sea rave: Thousands rave for TWELVE hours at earth's lowest point
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc3I2I6wMHA  0:50 our producer Elmo(?) was raving about this earlier. うちのプロデューサーはさっきそいつがめっちゃうまかったって騒いでいたよ。
Taste This? Packaged Foods Go Bold
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omPpJLEXqNM  2:33 people are raving all about this. 町中はこいつの噂で持ちきりだよ。

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2015/06/rave-review.html  rave review

a-2375 rave about


強がり、虚勢、空威張りは bravado です。19:11 the sheer bravado, the structure beggars belief. 究極の大見得切り、とてもこの世のものとは思えません。

The Luxury Life Of Dubai By Piers Morgan - full documentary
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94yi2g4V93g  2:04 like male bravado, it's like either you go up or you guys are all scaredy-cats. so I went up. 舞台の立つか立たないかで、男の見せ所みたいなもので、行くならよし、行かないなら意気地なし。だから、舞台に立ったのさ。
Trevor Noah's Drunk Friends Got Him into Stand-Up
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThCplOlVFtw  0:23 Kim regime's bravado 金王朝の大言壮語
Kim Jong Un regime: We're not Iran
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25CLqmJaZyI  1;39 Schettino's conduct condemned as bravado, showing-off, clowning around.スケッティーノ・フランチェスコ船長の行動はカッコマン、自慢屋、お調子屋さんだった。
Captain vilified for abandoning sinking ship


刑事コロンボの服装にピッタリの形容詞が ramshackle よれよれの, rumple しわくちゃの だと思えばいい。1;50 George Obama has lead a very different life, growing up in the ramshackle slums of Nairobi. オバマ大統領の異母兄弟のジョージ君はナイロビのスラム街で育ち、兄のバラクとは違う人生を歩んできた。

Obama Won't Help Half-Brother George Who Lives In Poverty - Redistribution Of The Wealth? / Video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_7fbIP_QPY  8:13 the new biophysics department at King's was a pretty ramshackle place. a lot of the equipment was borrowed from colleagues at other London colleges and this camera was army surplus. まるでなっていない研究室
Genius of Britain - Richard Dawkins (1/4)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpAGUWUuhKc  1:09 first stop, the witness. Hjörtur Kjerulf, the sheep farmer who shot the famous video. he lives on a ramshackle farm overlooking the lake where the monster or worm as they call it is said to live. 貧相な牧場
Giant Worm: Iceland's Loch Ness Monster?

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2011/05/blog-post_28.html  ぼろを英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2011/07/blog-post_4174.html  家がぼろくなるを英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2013/01/blog-post_6827.html  あばら家を英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2014/07/blog-post_8852.html  ぐちゃぐちゃの死体を英語でなんと言うか?

a-3679 ramshackle 



1;00 in spite of the support he got in parliament from the mainstream parties, Tsipras and his government are (3 words).

The future on the menu as Greek leaders attend presidential lunch


0:01 Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras joined leaders from other mainstream political parties at a lunch hosted by the President of (3 words), Prokopis Pavlopoulos. ギリシャ共和国

The future on the menu as Greek leaders attend presidential lunch


badunkadunk, badonkadonk御居処(おいど)のこと。0:37 Linda, my god! your body is redonkulous! = your badonkadonk is ridiculously gorgeous. 注;ここでの解釈はいいケツしてるね、くらいでいいと思いますが、普段は redonkulous = ridiculous です。

WANDERLUST Trailer 2012 - Official [HD]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwEkgjHXkSY  3:03 badonkadonk
Word Sneak with Bryan Cranston
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYmrg3owTRE  1:59 badonkadonk 2:17 it's extremely curvaceous female behind,,,badonkadonk
Hugh Laurie: the British slang vs the American

a-2665 badonkadonk


0:48 here's a deal. Buddy Slade and I are meant to be together. and I'm here to get him back. I'm pretty sure he's married with a kid on the way. no, kid's here. I'm cool with it. I mean I've got (1 word) too.

YOUNG ADULT Trailer 2011 Official [HD]


0:16 soon after, according to the summaries which are (3 words), the lost and found employee telephones the IMF chief in the Air France lounge at JFK International Airport in New York.

Strauss Kahn claimed 'diplomatic immunity'

the other side of the coin

the other side of the coin は文字通り「同じコインの反対側」で、比ゆ的に使われます。1:31 but on the other hand, let's look at the other side of that coin, I don't hear Hillary Clinton ever saying a baseball player makes too much, a Hollywood mogul makes too much,,, ヒラリーは私の報酬がめちゃくちゃ高いとかほざいているけど、観点をちょっと変えてみましょう。ヒラリーは野球選手やハリウッドスターたちが高所得を得ているとは話題にしない、、、

Carly Fiorina Slams Hillary Clinton for Pay Gap Hypocrisy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnOhF9w-nNs  0:42 there have been a handful of comedies about women who choose not to end their unexpected pregnancies. so why assume that the other side of the coin is off-limits. 中絶をしない女性のコメディー映画は捨てるほどある。その逆の場合はご法度だと、一体誰がそういったのか?  
'Edge of Tomorrow,' 'The Fault in Our Stars' & More | This Week's Movies | The New York Times

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2009/07/blog-post_1541.html  となりの芝生は英語でなんと言うのか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2011/03/ippoudehwa-kataya.html  一方ではを英語でなんと言うか?


決まっている言い方は no margin for error (誤差の余地は無い)です。no room for error ともいえます。20:13 in order to ensure a flawless fit into the hull of the 445, this fiberglass structural grid is manufactured to precise specifications. there is absolutely no margin for error. 445の船体にこのグリッドを完璧にはめ込むために、グリッドは厳密な寸法に仕上げられている。わずかな誤差もゆるされない。

Extreme Yachts | Season 2 Episode 1 | Full Episode
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7A8iF-Zpqg  20:12 there's no margin for error. この世界最大級の豪華客船が接岸には一寸の誤差も許されない。
Top Documentary Films The Biggest Luxury Ship In World Find Out Whats Inside
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ_8Md4iK-o  1:06 a galactic hole-in-one that requires perfect choreography and no margin for error. 一ミリの誤差も許されない完璧な振り付けが要る大宇宙のホールインワン。
NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover: '7 Minutes of Terror' Animation Video
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2012/05/blog-post_6058.html  選択肢はないを英語でなんと言うか?

make money off of

make money off of somebody で、誰をカモにする、誰かを相手に金儲けする、という意味になります。辞書に載っていなくてもイデォオムです。0:19 how does Amazon make any money off of this? こんな大盤振る舞いをしてアマゾンはどうやって金を儲けているのか?

How the heck does Amazon make money?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU3VptazV5c  13:43 but you're making a profit off of patients and their families. でも、あなた方は病院に来る患者と家族を食い物にしているじゃありませんか?
Hospital parking: The real cost for patients (CBC Marketplace)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwFpxRQnNqA  1;16 billionaire banksters and for-profit schools are making a fortune off of America's young people. 銀行家、そして大学は大学生から大金を搾り取っている。
USA's insane student debts (20Mar14)

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2010/04/blog-post_05.html  居候(いそうろう)を英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2015/06/blog-post_99.html  見惚れるを英語でなんと言うか?
http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2012/06/blog-post_5870.html  厄介になるを英語でなんと言うか?



0:25 this (1 word) celebrating President Obama's 2008 election victory gets a fresh coat of spray paint.

Excitement builds for Obama visit


1:27 she will be able to swim topless if she wants to, but all others will be (4 words). ここのプールでは彼女だけは男性同様の格好で泳げるが、他の人たちはケースバイケースだ。

Seattle woman allowed to swim topless


4:02 I know what's going to happen. we're going to make out a little. and I'm gonna take off your pants. and I'm gonna tease. I can even go down on you. but I won't. どうなるかよくわかっている。ちょっとペッテイング。君のズボンを下げて、そして、指で、、舌で、、けど、やらない。

Why Booty Calls Are A Bad Idea [Disconnected] l Elite Daily


0:30 he's grown another 5 inches since, but his stature still (4 words) the other horses around the stables.

The world's smallest best friends: A Microhorse meets a Micropig


1:17 in order for these two to finally find (3 words), Marc took Bean on a journey nearly 100 miles to meet the miniature foal, Microdave. 二匹の似た者同士を引き合わせるために、マークさんはミニ豚のビーンを連れて160キロも旅をして、ミニ子馬のマイクロデイブの所にやってきた。

The world's smallest best friends: A Microhorse meets a Micropig

take a swing at

take a swing at は見ての通り、殴りかかるです。その通りの使い方でもいいし、比ゆ的にやってみるという意味もあります。0:09 so Orlando Bloom has taken a swing at Justin Bieber at a restaurant in Ibiza. オーランド・ブルームがジャスティン・ビーバーに一発お見舞いした。

Why are these celebs fighting?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQfrMjJShN4  2:01 Sports Illustrated took a swing at practical jokes when they introduced eccentric rookie baseball player Hayden “Sidd” Finch. スポーツ・イラストレイテッド誌までもが架空の野球選手のエイプリルフールの悪い冗談をとばした。
Best April Fools' Day Jokes and Pranks of All-Time
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBBC-xL_MTg  1:19 she took a swing at me. この女性はボクに殴りかかってきた。
Teen's gun-firing drone triggers federal probe
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab-swkfaV9s  0;01 Recently the FCC took another swing at what's loosely called net neutrality. 最近、連邦通信委員会はインターネットの中立化に対してまた規制をかけようとした。
Did Net Neutrality Just Kill the Possibility of a Free Internet, or Pave the Way for It?

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2015/08/come-out-swinging.html  come out swinging

a-2152 take a swipe at

few and far between

few and far between は、過疎地の集落などで家屋がまばらに離れて点在するくらいの意味で、実際にはめったにおこらない、頻度が少ないの意味で使われています。 0:01 these days, moments of privacy and tranquility are few and far between. プライベートそして静穏な時間は確保が難しい昨今です。

Resort Overview - The Resort at Longboat Key Club
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow3iV3Q8U4w  1:05 however bargains are few and far between.ドイツからギリシャへのツアーはうなぎのぼりに増えているのに、格安ツアーを探すのは至難の業だ。
German tourists head for Greece in droves and aeroplanes

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2012/08/blog-post_11.html  滅多にないを英語でなんと言うか?

a-3657 few and far between
a-3753 few and far between
a-4483 few and far between


人をそしる、人を悪く言う、軽蔑する、、、このような時に外せない単語が disparage です。2:56 stop disparaging. トランプ氏は人をけなすことを慎むべきだ。

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump is a 'jackass'
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HssPbAf6SYs  1:07 it comes after the mogul made disparaging remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico. トランプ氏が麻薬王のゴミ箱に入っているのはトランプ氏がメキシコからの不法移民を悪く言ったから。
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z-fXsQv5KQ  0;13 a voice disparaging African Americans スターリング氏の黒人に対する軽蔑の言葉
Report: NBA owner linked to racist remarks

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2012/03/blog-post_9735.html  けなすを英語でなんと言うか?



0:19 (5 words) to save your pet?

woman fights off gator to save dog


0:24 Trump remains atop the polls and while some dismiss his success a short-lived and the direct result of media exposure, others wonder whether his (2 words) has simply (2 words) with a lot of voters. 共和党大統領候補のトランプ氏は大統領選のトップをつっぱしっている。これはマスコミの影響で長くは続かないと言う人もいる。一方、トランプ氏のハチャメチャなやり方に核心を突かれて、共感する有権者も大勢いると分析する人もいる。

Donald Trump Escalates War of Words With Lindsey Graham | NBC Nightly News


1:48 we have a business model which revolutionized the industry in terms of delivering (6 words).

VistaJet welcome video


1;02 my wife and I divide (5 words). so we're doing everything whether it's, you know, cleaning the windows in the front when they look dirty to ,,,

How An Entrepreneur Found His True Calling | MONEY


0:01 Money magazine has analyzed hundreds of colleges to find the more than 700 that we think offer you the best (5 words).

These Are The Best Colleges In the U.S. | MONEY

discourse = conversation

discourse は格調高い会話と思っておけばいい。議論かもしれないし、言い争いかもしれないし、やはり文脈に沿って判断するのがベスト。9:38 according to a source familiar with the case, it was settled for less than $500,000. Stella was not allowed to talk to the press. but over the last two decades, her lawsuit has become part of the cultural discourse. マクドナルドのコーヒーでやけど、何億円もの賠償金、、、、実際の賠償金額は約6000万円くらいだったが、やけどを負ったステラおばあさんは裁判の内容を口外しない誓約書にサインしていたので、マスコミの囃し立てる誤報に対して一切の弁明ができなかったが、それからの20年はこのコーヒー裁判はアメリカ文化の語り草となった。

Woman Burned by McDonald's Hot Coffee, Then the News Media | Retro Report | The New York Times
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmtEiOs50u0  1:53 it's amazing that we've been able to generate this discourse. 内容はともかく、俳優のマット・デイモンと熱い議論が交わせたのは意義のあることだった。
Matt Damon v. Michelle Fields
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFQFB5YpDZE#t=269  4:27 well, we have civilized discourse. もしケリーが来たら、上品なおしゃべりでもするよ。
Jon Stewart on Crossfire
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1SHVeGmT3o  1:32 high level political discourse, this isn't. it is fodder for late night TV. 政治家の高尚なビジョンの呟き、、ではなく、これはもはや深夜番組のネタ。
Donald Trump's controversial campaign


1:32 high level political discourse, this isn't. it is (2 words) late night TV. 政治家の高尚なビジョンの呟き、、ではなく、これはもはや深夜番組のネタ。

Donald Trump's controversial campaign

stop short と stop short of

stop short は急に止まること、stop short of は stop short of 寸前でやめる。かなり違うこの二つにイディオムが辞書によっては同じ括りになっていることがある。stop short of は 明らかに stop + short of だから、stop short とは同じにするべきではない。 0:53 (riff) but it stopped short never to go again when the old man died. 今はもう動かない その時計 (時計の針ははおじいさんがなくなった時刻に止まり、それからはもう時を刻むことはなかった。)

"Grandfather's Clock" - Larry Hooper, 1956 Lawrence Welk Show
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dqIPRYTWWA  0:54 watch as one biker appears to stop short. 暴走族の一人が急制動をかけるように見えます。
Road Rage: NYC Motorcycle Attack
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-vw3g6j-vA  41;08 Kim stopped short of admitting personal responsibility.
The Real Doctor Evil: Kim Jong Il's North Korea
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5SiQqSroIw  0:38 the other which was headed straight to the farm house miraculously stopped just two feet short of the outside wall.
Italian landslide: Huge boulders destroy buildings in South Tyrol
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCEnsfrSsuI  1:09 the President stopped short of labeling it an act of terrorism or war.
New North Korea threats to attack U.S.

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2011/07/blog-post_30.html  急停止するを英語でなんと言うか?

a-2244 stopped short of
a-4852 stopped short of


while away には余暇を過ごす、暇を潰す、退屈を紛らわすのような意味があります。 1:08 you can also play games and you can pair up with other people in the flights to play off against each other. and that's another great tool to while away the hours. カンタス航空の機内では各種のゲームが楽しめ、そして他の人と一緒にプレーを競うことも出来る。このようなエンターテイメントは目的地までの飛行時間を潰すのにとても役に立つ。

Myth 4: Long flights are boring
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O7qjJlP-pE  0:53 the old men while away their time as they do in most Chinese villages.年寄りたちはどこの村の人でもやるようにマージャンで暇を潰している。
A village left behind in China's boom
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtbJqnFEydI  0:08 what better way to while away the hours than grabbing hold of your plums 自分の金玉を握り締めながらやり過ごすよりもいい方法があるかな?金玉といっても小さなトマトのことだが、、 
Fiesta time at Spain's La Tomatina tomato throwing festival
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rSSmgXEKuY  1:50 life is much too short to while away with tears.
Queen - Jealousy (Official Lyric Video)



1:03 the food banks, (3 words) just how hard the blow was. フードバンク(の盛況)は原油価格下落によるカナダの石油産業への打撃がいかに強かったかを物語るバロメーターだ。

Alberta food bank surge


0:19 we start off with an update on Google's self-driving cars after its first accident that involved injuries. now it was nothing serious other than some minor (1 word).

Samsung and others look to create a single e-Sim card for all carriers


1:35 the (1 word) of a high level mafia don. 核兵器をちらつかせて世界をゆするのはまるで、マフィアの首領のようなやり口だ。

Kim Jong Un regime: We're not Iran


1:01 we've been doing artificial intelligence (AI) since that term was coined in the 1950s at my (2 words).

Robots may claim legal rights as humans – legal analyst


0:09 when Chad Hollingsworth and his neighbor Stephen Foster were (3 words).

Man struck by lightning was 'on fire on the inside'


1:17 the head-rest actually folds and to support your head. so if you didn't travel with the neck pillow, you are still able to kind of lean up against the side and still get a little bit of (1 word).

Enjoy the long-haul journey with Qantas


0:24 Puff, the magic dragon, lived by the sea. and (1 word) in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee. マジックドラゴンのパフはハナリーという島の海のすぐ近くに住んでいて秋の霧と戯れていた。

Peter, Paul and Mary - Puff The Magic Dragon.


1:34 he was a coward and he couldn't get it during the fight and he (1 word) him right there.



0:06 the CEO of Toshiba Hisao Tanaka stepped down after investigators blamed (3 words) for years of faked profit.

Toshiba CEO resigns over faked profits


白いしっぱのウサギを cottontail と呼ぶがバニーガールの尻尾も cottontail、それにヌード村でヌードにならない人間も cottontail と呼ばれている。0:34 there're cottontail bunnies. but this club doesn't scream "playboy." 白いしっぼのバニー嬢たちはいるが、このクラブではプレイボーイの名をおくびにも出さない。

You won't recognize this Playboy Club
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6EmvM9SjdM  0:08 until the day you are willing to come out here with a cottontail attached to your rear-end. あんたが白いしっぽをケツにつけてここに出てくるまでは、、、
The Seventies: "Battle of the Sexes" Trailer 2
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fVlHLhYCr4  3:05 by the way, they call us non-nudists cottontails.
CNN's Jeanne Moos Visits Rock Lodge Nudist Club


croupier がカジノのディーラーに相当します。0;04 you have to make the choice in life. be a gambler or a croupier. and then live with your decision come what may. 自分の道は自分で決めなければならない。ばくち打ちになるのか元締めになるのか。そして、いったんこうと決めたら何が起ころうとも、ひたすら突き進むのだ。

Croupier (1999) | Trailer | Film4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTHUWo4XbkE  5:03 croupiers カジノのディーラー
Derren Brown cheats in casino
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UhvcEJEfU8  1:51 Bunny girl croupiers バニーガールのディーラー
Playboy Bunny Girls and The Playboy Club (Original 1960s Footage)


言い方は一つだけではありませんが、It ain't over till the fat lady sings. ということもあります。

'It ain't over til the fat lady sings.'

Plane Lands On Pick-Up Truck and Crashes www.kbvp.com
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1ay3TSdOuo  7:18 ... and the fat lady still has not sung.アメリカ、ギリシャ、中国などのインチキ経済が終焉を迎えようとしているが、まだその時ではない
Insiders Buying Gold, Silver and Oil Before Economic Collapse

paddy wagon 護送車

1:21 eventually, they pushed me into the paddy wagon. 警察は私を護送車に押し込んだ。

Lawsuit alleges 2012 'rough ride' by Baltimore ...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7KwpWUQ-hA  1:54 he's been taken out and he should be thrown in a paddy wagon right now. この卑怯者のバトラーはひっ捕まえられて、今すぐ護送車にぶち込まれるべきだ。 



0:05 Jeb Bush a Republican candidate for US president told reporters that Americans need to work longer hours so that the country can be more productive. this is widely considered a political gaff because most Americans think themselves extremely hardworking. 共和党の大統領候補でありジョージ・ブッシュの弟でもある前フロリダ州知事のジェブ・ブッシュ氏はアメリカ人は競争力をつけるためにもっと長い時間働かなくてはならないとコメントしたが、これは政治的な失敗。というのも大体のアメリカ人は働きすぎと思っているからだ。注;ちょっと聞き捨てならない。確かによく働くアメリカ人もいる。よく働く人は世界のどこの国にでもいる。しかし、アメリカ人の無気力さは言語に絶する体たらく。したがって、ジェブ・ブッシュの言っていることは的を得ている。

Which Country Is The Most Overworked?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw-gAi7ihN4  8:13 if you understand what Romney said in the last election when he got caught, explaining that half the Americans people in his view were moochers who lived off government jobs, government welfare and that the other half the ones Romney was appealing to were the hardworking Americans who paid the taxes that got into the hands of the lazy other half.


1:33 the suspicion is that; this was somebody who (5 words) against the company. probably a former employee. 「アシュレイ・マディソン」へのハッキング攻撃はこの会社に恨みを持つ人間の犯行で、多分この会社で働いていた人間だろう。

Hackers threaten to expose cheaters


3:07 Senator,so you certainly are (4 words), not making this about you. マケイン上院議員、あなたはトランプ氏から自分への攻撃を、やり返すことなく、まったく模範的に収められた。

John McCain Responds to Donald Trump Remarks | TODAY


3:53 it's gotta be said, this brings up a completely intense case of (1 word) for a lot of people. この不倫サイトへのハッキングによる漏洩事件は多くの人にとっては「してやったり」ということでもある、ということを述べておかなくてはいけない。

Caught with their pants down: Hackers threaten millions of adultery site users


6:20 as long as their job and do not want to (5 words) and force their sexuality on me and areas of business and schools, they can live their lives and ,,,, (同性愛者に対して)自分たちのやるべきことをやって、自分たちがホモであると公言せず、自分たちの性的嗜好を私たちに押し付けさえしなければ、普通の生活をおくり、職を追われるようなことは無い。

Anita Bryant Confronted In 1977 (Who's Who) Interview

in person

本人が、じきじきに、実物の人間で、、のような意味が in person にはある。0:16 he's better looking in person, too. ジェームズ・フランコは生(ナマ)で見てもかっこいい。

James Franco's lesser known talent wows audience
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbSx_KX6hfM  0:10 January Jones, she was like every bit as cool in person as you would have imagined.ジャニュアリー・ジョーンズさんはこうしてお会いしてみると、皆さんの予想通り、きりっとした人物です。
What made January Jones cry?

http://bridge-english.blogspot.jp/2013/03/blog-post_3.html  本人を英語でなんと言うか?


centrifugal force を知らない人はまず居ないと思いますが、 centripetal force (求心力、向心力)もついでにおぼえておくといいでしょう。0:34 centrifugal force

Hanging in Hammocks | Science of Stupid
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZfikEpxO0k  26:47 centrifugal force
Japanese High Speed Bullet Train - BBC Documentary
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZY1s22MY04  33:17 highest centrifugal forces
Megastructures Future Trains
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUW6aoepGwU  1;43 you do not want wide-swinging actions because this is not an exercise in centrifugal force. 遠心力の練習じゃないんだから、思いっきりのけぞってかばんを持ち上げる必要は無い。
Travel Tips: Become a Carry-on Wiz
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTcdutIcEJ4  1:08 basically it boils down to the centripetal force. ループから落下する原因は求心力が足りないから。
Human Loop the Loop with Damien Walters - Pepsi Max. Unbelievable #LiveForNow

a-2208 centripetal force


肘の裏、肘の内側は crook of the elbow (解剖学の名称は cubital fossa )です。1:03 you want to just bury that sneeze in the crook of your elbow. 肘の内側に向かってくしゃみをしましょう。

The Science Of Sneezing
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpGl6diL46o  0:15 hand-washing is important even they are coughing or sneezing into the crook of the arm. 肘(ひじ)の内側に向かって咳やくしゃみをしても、手洗いは大切です。
Cold and Flu Tip #12: Sneeze Etiquette



0:50 this rocky start didn't (3 words) the future of their relationship. オスマン帝国から独立したギリシャの王に据えられたのはバイエルン王国(ドイツ)の王子オットーで、ギリシャは事実上バイエルン王国の三人の摂政によって運営されていた。ギリシャの近代史はこのように始まったので、ドイツとギリシャの関係は最初から暗雲が立ち込めていた。

Why Do Greece And Germany Hate Each Other?


0:41 we're going to require fire & alarm systems in those retail shops to protect our dogs and cats, (2 words), there's fire. 万が一火事になったときのためのワンちゃんや猫ちゃんたちの用心として、ペットショップには火災報知機の設置を義務付けるようにします。

Hempstead Pet Store Proposal


0:15 as live cameras rolled, the 34-year old Australian fought off a shark attack by apparently punching it in the back and (5 words).

Watch: Surfer fights off shark attack mid-competition